SB19, ALAMAT, and More PPop Stars at the BYS Fashion Week 2023

SB19, ALAMAT, and More PPop Stars at the BYS Fashion Week 2023


PPop groups channeled their artistry and creativity into the lens of fashion as they graced the BYS Fashion Week 2023

Time and again, the worlds of music and fashion collide in many ways. Apart from sound, a musician’s way of dressing up adds a certain form of identity and individuality for them. Their style serves as a blueprint for their fans to not just be with them, but also be like them. At the BYS Fashion Week 2023, PPop groups like SB19 and ALAMAT and more prove the intersection of these worlds. 

SB19 BYS Fashion Week 2023 Neric Beltran

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This year, HA.MU, ANTONINA, Neric Beltran, and Chris Nick were among the headlining Filipino designers who featured PPop’s finest both as models and attendees. With that, MEGA Entertainment rounds up the different artists who made an appearance at the event. 

BGYO’s Mikki

An ace within the Aces of PPop, Mikki brought his A-game this time in the Chris Nick runway. His presence within the roster of personalities that graced the designer’s show was a meaningful one, given that the collection also paid homage to music, particularly the club scene of New York City. Maintaining his sleek and sophisticated composure, Mikki donned an all-black ensemble with bow and silk detailing that gave more texture to the classic, tailored silhouettes of the designer. 

Mikki Claver BGYO BYS Fashion Week 2023 Chris Nick

ALAMAT’s Jao, Taneo, and Mo

One of the reasons why the triple-threat boy group continues to stand out among their contemporaries is their conscious integration of Filipino elements in their performance outfits. Underscoring their mission to don proudly Pinoy pieces, Jao, Taneo, and Mo graced the BYS Fashion Week 2023 runway. 

ALAMAT Jao Taneo Mo BYS Fashion Week 2023 Ha.Mu ANTONINA
Photo: ALAMAT (via Instagram)

Walking for ANTONINA, the three members wore outfits carrying the symbolism of rain and regret. Meanwhile, Jao changed into playful shades of green for the maximalist Merry-go-round of Life collection of HA.MU.


Remember Pablo, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin’s Pagtatag! white and gold outfits? These creations by Neric Beltran seemed like a preview to his matrimony-inspired pieces for his FOREVER AFTER collection. Highlighting the true marriage of fashion and music, the PPop Kings wore pieces that did not just integrate the collection’s floral and embellished details. They also incorporated their signature sky blue as part of their outfits.

SB19 BYS Fashion Week 2023 Neric Beltran

“Your creations have always made us look our best, and it was an honor to be part of this glamorous event,” the group wrote on Instagram, in gratitude to the designer. Closing the show in romantic yet sultry fashion just like the collection’s codes, SB19 serenaded the audience with their track, “I Want You.” 

Stay tuned as we spot more of your favorite PPop stars at the last day of the BYS Fashion Week 2023

Featured Image: ALAMAT (via Twitter) and MEGA ARCHIVES (Photography KIM ANGELA SANTOS)

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