See All The Stylish Pieces At The SoFA Grad Show 2019

See All The Stylish Pieces At The SoFA Grad Show 2019


As the SoFA Design Institute opened the runway, these young fashion designers flaunt their most fashionable pieces yet. 

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To ensure their students’ most creative output, the respected design institute injected their effective SoFA method—an inspirational yet pragmatic, step-by-step process that empowers aspiring designers with a sturdy foundation upon which to build and sculpt their story. 

From monochromatic to vivid hues and dainty to bold accents, these sartorial collections were a visceral feast for the senses, striking a resonant chord from a selection of passion projects that were brimming with so much heart, life, and yes, a mindful thought process.

A collection of distinct narratives and dynamic collections, here are all the memorable details from the 2019 SoFA Grad Show:


Perspective: Breaking to Breakthrough by Denesse Ramirez

Playing with nude fabrics and a heightened illusion, Denesse describes a form of breakthrough from the unseen beauty and hope with decorations such as geometric acrylic trails, fine plumage, and gem-like decorations. 

Ena Cuizon

Setting a Harajuku kind of Tokyo mood, Cuizon painted the runway a dominant shade of red with boxy coats, shimmer, and a whole lot of heart—literally.

Imbalance by Hanvi Kim

Embodying inequality with stylish asymmetrical epaulettes, rainbow-layered skirts, and lights aplenty.


Crowning Glory by Cheyenne Sarol

Exemplified by caged and roped bindings, a sincere symbolism ran across the pieces of Cheyenne Sarol, which was upended by intrusions of sparkle and shimmer, alluding to that elusive hope at the end of the tunnel.

Sanctuarium by Al Rey Rosano

Getting flashy with balloon and ruched tent dresses, Al Rey Rosano re-imagines his journey of faith with these bold, vibrant ruffled pieces.

Homo Automata by Aaron Paatan

Based on a cycle of creation and destruction, Homo Automata marvelously transports us into another world with an in-your-face collection that was deliriously breathtaking. A wild imagining in skin-like fashion, this rundown reminded us how fashion not only fascinates, but also stirs feelings even way beyond the final walk through.  

Phases & Faces by Brix Bataller

Brix made use of colorful dresses and oversized elements portraying the endless introduction of one’s identity.

Great Designs by Gilliane Pablico

All good words certainly emerge from the delicate appliqués of Great Designs by Gilliane Pablico, which sees a fanning out of delicious details that were eye-catching as it was intriguing. 

Iris by Iris Driz

With woven elements of red and brown threading through the collection, Iris Driz defines a vision of strength that is current, cohesive, and classically charming.

Eunoia by Joanna Ngo

Molded by her experiences, Eunoia displays elegance in a nude and white collection that explored femininity in exaggerated details and shapes, proving that the modern woman is raring and ready for new fashion norms.

In Her World by Kristine Sanggalang

Fringe, rivets, and a splash of colors take form in different characters that show how whimsy and quirk is the genesis of forward-thinking designs.

Coexist by Veró Avila

Gender and the age-old dictates are given a daring finish, extending the call of the new age in menswear through light-as-air pastels, heeled thigh-high boots, and a lot of sparkle to thwart the tired conservatives away. Oh, and yes, it serves a whole swing of attitude while we’re at it, too. 

“My Truth Is Only As Real As My Belief” by Belle Villanueva

With tones of dramatic red, the collection radiates firmness as juxtaposed by elements of sheer, floral detailing, and wave-like shapes.

Epitome Of Igorota Warrior by Eloiza Changat

Representing a unique culture, the line provides strong image of the empowered Igorota women in fierce silhouettes. The resurfacing of this stylized heritage is further realized by modern ternos, woven embellishments, and strung details. 

Sinta by Aurea Vinluan

Channeling finesse, Aurea shines with an all-white ensemble for her ultra-romantic line that is truly worthy of that much-longed for I do.

Storgé by Trizia Ferrer

Inspired by limitless love, Storgé artistically ingeniously incorporates the infinity sign, telling a tale of fortune and radical innovation.

Dulce Bellum Inexpertis by Patricia Samulde

Mirroring the perpetual and persisting war of love, the tension runs through with textured separates that add depth to the lingering tale of passion.

For more information on SoFA Design Institute, you can follow them on their Instagram and Facebook accounts. 

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