These Are The Seven Stars Of A Brighter Tomorrow

These Are The Seven Stars Of A Brighter Tomorrow


Today’s message of self-care has changed as we shift our focus from the self and turn towards true care through the examples of seven love-filled ladies and their stories of togetherness

Social media and instant messaging apps seem like a God-send these days. They usher in a feeling of connectedness despite physical distance and isolation. But in the end, the feeling of being alone can slowly creep up on you again. Are you really feeling the love of a friend when, at the end of the day, it’s all ones and zeroes encoded on a digital platform? These days, we’d want to feel something that’s real, especially as we look forward to what the future may hold for us.

In an era widely defined by trials and tribulations, turn to the bright side and be the light that shines in the darkness. So, more than passing heart emojis and haha reactions to your friends in the virtual world, show some love by sending a little care package in the real world. For a gift that can do wonders in anyone’s day, share some self care routine boosters, such as washes, toners, cleansers, and lotions. From the moment they wake up and feel that burst of energy from a morning shower, to the moment they have their much-awaited beauty sleep, a self care product will be in their reach to soothe their senses.

Cetaphil believes in both the physical and emotional boost brought by amazing skin care products, which is why they gathered a band of seven scintillating beauties who share that same gift-giving mindset during these turbulent times.

Nadine Lustre

To encapsulate what Nadine Lustre is all about in a single word seems rather daunting, but it only takes a moment to know that “light” can fit the bill. As an artist underneath the fluorescence of studio spotlights and caught in a burst camera flashes, you may take this definition in its visual sense. However, Nadine has currently reached a stardom status that knows no bounds. 

But more than basking in the accolades of her multi-platform career, she remains humble and collected. Just like a candle in a room, its warm glow reaches the space’s four walls, yet it remains a small, single tongue of flame. That’s Nadine for you: a woman who cares for herself to keep her fiery passions ablaze, and extends a warm embrace to those around her to let them partake in the bright future to come.

Rabiya Mateo

A bearer of hope and a symbol of light in darkest times, Rabiya Mateo gained the adoration of many as she was crowned Miss Universe Philippines on October 25, 2020. But even before gracing her presence on the national stage, Rabiya has been sharing the gift of knowledge and motivation through education advocacies. More than a lecturer in physical therapy, she has also been assisting in charities that educate children from her hometown of Iloilo City.

“Even though you’re struggling, you can still become a symbol of hope,” Rabiya mentions in an episode of the Ring Light. This is the spirited attitude she constantly carries as she continues to inspire others by being her radiant, genuine self.

Kelsey Merritt

Carrying a similar honor worth the admiration is Kelsey Merritt, the first and only Filipino to walk the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. She’s a certified headliner, making rounds online as a cover star, model, and great company with other celebrities. But more than a successful career in front of the cameras, she’s a constant advocate of body positivity and environmental care even when eyes aren’t on her. As we look forward to a future that’s brighter, healthier, and free from our inner turmoils, Kelsey remains assured that she’s doing her part in sharing the gift of care to others both online and within her community.

Solenn Heussaff Bolzico

Wife, sister, daughter, artist, painter, woman. As a juggler of roles in life, Solenn Heussaff Bolzico may seem too preoccupied with family and self passions to become a proponent of benevolence, but the opposite is true. As a mother to her Thylane Katana, or Tili, and alongside her husband Nico, Solenn innately gives countless hours throughout her day to the most important people in her life. That’s the beauty of motherhood others may fail to realize–that imparting care and love is a two-way street that fulfills not only the recipient, but the giver as well.

Anne Curtis-Smith Heussaff

On the topic of motherhood, Anne Curtis-Smith Heussaff is another beacon of tenderness and compassion currently in the midst of caring for her little Dahlia Amélie along with Erwan. Her progression from an on-screen star known for an out-and-about personality, to now prioritizing caring for her loved ones especially during these trying times is astounding. That’s the duality present in someone who not only feels the love from those who surround her, but shares this gift to others as well.

“Choose what helps your heart bloom,” writes Anne as a caption for her Instagram post about a Dahlia flower in full bloom. Not only does this show her affinity towards nature, evident by the multitude of outdoor shots on her social media, but also her love for her daughter. Indeed, her heart truly blooms in a field of friendship and family.

Sofia Andres

The same can be said about Sofia Andres as she has been spending precious moments with her baby Zoe and partner Daniel. In fact, just a glance at her Instagram bio, which is often used to promote titles and achievements, one would see how she can define herself: fashion, food, family, self-care. With profession aside, it’s worth noting how she places others before her self-care interest. That says a lot about Sofia and her selfless nature.

Sometimes, true care can have an inward approach through self-reflections, but in the case of Sofia, and ultimately every woman on this list, it is worth putting others before yourself.

Sarah Lahbati Gutierez

Starting the year with nothing but family, Sarah Lahbati Gutierez turned to Instagram to share how her celebrations went. She snapped a photo of a collection of film photographs laid out on a mat, every single one featuring a member of this loving family. Sure, you can easily grab your phone and tap the shutter button to your heart’s content, but Sarah made sure to memorialize these in physical photographs worth keeping. That’s the benefit of having a treasure in your hands–a memento to look back at during gloomy days and reclaim your purpose in life.

With similarities in family and camaraderie among these seven ladies aside, one aspect links them all: there’s always another present in their day-to-day lives. This is the new message of self-care through Cetaphil–shifting focus from the “self” to the “care.” With the Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance range of products, not only can you equip yourself with the needs to keep your body ever-radiant, but also have a token of true care to share with your loved ones.

It’s difficult to look forward to brighter days when you’re doing it alone. Now, there’s no excuse to remain in isolation. And if time passes on with no one extending a hand of support towards you, be the one to reach out to others and know that lights shine brighter together.

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