Slumberland Will Take You to the Adventure of Your Dreams

Slumberland Will Take You to the Adventure of Your Dreams


Children and adults alike will take their imagination to the next level with the newest film coming soon on Netflix!

This November 18, prepare yourselves for a new world that only opens when your eyes are closed—welcome to Slumberland!

Slumberland Netflix Movie

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The audience will discover what it is like to enter a dimension of possibility and hope through the eyes of Nemo and Flip. It is an adaptation of the comic series Little Nemo in Slumberland from the early 1900s. 

The trailer presents the premise of the film that revolves around Nemo’s grief from losing her father. In her sleep, she discovers the world of Slumberland. 

Slumberland Netflix Movie

Marlow Barkley, who plays Nemo, reveals that her character was actually a challenge to portray. “It’s very emotional to play her because she went through all these things and I had to pretend, to put myself in this place that I had lost someone I loved. I can only imagine the pain people who have actually lost a loved one had gone through.” 

As Nemo, Marlow also shares that towards the end of the film, she has made sense of Nemo’s journey. “Those emotions in the movie, a lot of them were real because I felt so connected to the character.”

Slumberland Netflix Movie

Meanwhile, Jason Momoa takes on the role of Flip, Nemo’s henchman in her own navigation of Slumberland. His fans will still witness his trademark badass aura, but one that children will adore and appreciate more.

“It’s fun being in comedy for the first time,” Momoa mentions. “Sometimes it’s very, very scary because it’s a new territory. It’s something new. It felt like winning a lottery when I got this role, and it’s something I would like to do again.” 

He adds, “My daughter Lola loved it. It’s so close to her. My children were happy about it.” 

Slumberland Netflix Movie

Chris O’Dowd also joins the cast as Phil, Nemo’s uncle. Highlighting the process of grief as the forefront of the whole film, here’s what he has to say about the movie.

“We go through grief in different stages in our lives. We can grieve a lot of different things. It could be as a parent, or it can be a relationship gone wrong or a pet. We’re all dealing with some kind of trauma that we can all, I suppose, use from to help with. It doesn’t heal us but certainly the distraction, the adventure—that’s what life should be.” 

Slumberland Netflix Movie

Watch the trailer here: 

Get ready to discover Slumberland this November 18 on Netflix. 

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