Start The New Year Right With These Binge-Worthy Podcasts

Start The New Year Right With These Binge-Worthy Podcasts


Excited for 2021? Listen in to these eight local and international podcasts that will get you ready for the  new year to come.

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Podcasts are godsend. They’re a source of entertainment for anyone who’s busy doing something else—and that’s all the time. Whether you’re an avid multi-tasker or a fan of radio romance, then we’re sure you’ve picked up a few podcasts in the past year. However, adding new options to your list of must hears isn’t a bad idea at all. In fact, listening to encouraging words and telling tales could help keep you mindful, informed, and ready for the year to come. There’s no telling what 2021 has in-store for us, so leaning on to these eight podcasts for additional support could be the silver lining to your 2020.

Sleeping Pill with Inka 
Host: Inka 
Country: Metro Manila, Philippines 
Language: English 

Have you been tossing in turning all night in the year 2020? It’s time to finally get a good night’s rest with Inka Magnaye’s meditative ASMR podcast, Sleeping Pill. You’ve probably heard of Inka before. She’s a TikTok star with over 1.4 million followers for her voice talent skills and comedic povs. For her podcast, she aims to ease one’s anxieties before bed time. Sleeping Pill with Inka now features over 30 episodes of bed time stories, meditative spiels, and original submissions from her audience. If you’ve been having trouble in sleep or relaxation in 2020, then try to find time to meditate with Inka on her podcast here.

Crime Junkies
Hosts: Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat
Country: Indiana, USA
Language: English

Murder stories are all the rage now. According to a study from University of Illinois, “A perusal of published reader reviews suggests that women enjoy these kinds of books more so than do men.” Furthermore, an article from The New York Times touches on this topic with writer, Kate Tuttle, explaining, “Perhaps our fascination with these stories stems in part from wanting to learn from them. If a woman escaped her attacker in this particular way, we think, perhaps I could too.” Ashley and Brit do exactly that on their podcast. If you’re planning to go out a lot after the pandemic, then this is the show for you. Be aware of your surroundings and learn more about crime stories by following the Crime Junkies on Spotify here.

ASK SAY: The Podcast
Host: Say Tioco
Country: Metro Manila, Philippines
Language: Tagalog, English

Trauma, sex, and STDs are all taboo subjects in the Philippines. That’s why it’s refreshing to see popular YouTuber, Say Tioco, take on the role as the voice of Filipinas. She navigates the real world with her audience by sharing her personal experiences and creating a platform where professionals could shed light on these so-called taboo topics. As 2020 comes to a close, let’s educate ourselves with the realities of these topics, so we could come in the new year with an informed perspective on life. Stay informed with Stay Tioco by tuning in to her podcast here.

Very Really Good
Host: Kurtis Conner
Country: Toronto, Canada
Language: English

YouTuber and Feminist, Kurtis Conner, has taken his comedic tours online by lighting up his podcast, Very Really Good. Kurtis is a part of the new line of successful YouTubers that are way past stirring up drama and making a quick buck on the internet. Since most of us are fed up with cancel culture, it’s nice to see someone respectfully comment on TikTok fads and online drama without stirring the pot. More so, Kurtis’ career is rooted in stand-up comedy, so you’ll definitely be laughing out loud at the end of every episode. Become a citizen of Kurtistown by following Kurtis’ Spotify here.

Adulting With Joyce Pring
Host: Joyce Pring
Country: Metro Manila, Philippines
Language: Tagalog, English

Newlywed and former radio DJ, Joyce Pring, began her podcast in 2018. She states on her first episode that she misses being on air and has a lot of knowledge to share with the 20-somethings who follow her online. We all know how incredibly weird our 20s were— especially, when you didn’t live your life like everyone else. Just like Joyce, we’ve gone through it all and still don’t understand what’s going on. In crazy times like this, it’s comforting to know you’re not alone and even Joyce Pring gets lost sometimes. Listen to Adulting With Joyce Pring here.

podcasts, halo halo show

The Halo Halo Show
Hosts: Rica Garcia and JC Teves
Country: Metro Manila, Philippines
Language: Tagalog, English

The Halo Halo Show is a listener’s gateway to good vibes. The show explores popular trends in the Philippines and around the world with hosts Rica Garcia and JC Teves. Many of The Halo Halo Show’s fans are longtime supporters of the two DJs who have ventured to the world of podcasting. The show is a nice mix of the two personalities. There are times when JC and Rica disagree on certain topics, which in a way becomes a great avenue for friendly banter. If you’re looking for lighthearted and relatable show, then you should definitely look into this podcast here.

podcasts, planet money

Planet Money
Host: Amanda Aronczyk, Mary Childs, Karen Duffin, Jacob Goldstein, Sarah Gonzalez, and Kenny Malone
Country: All over the world
Language: English

In whichever way you look at it, you can’t escape Economics. As we get used to adulting, we realize that money really does make the world go round, but does it have to be so hard to understand? Planet Money would say no and they made it so. This podcast’s ethos is created by the idea of catching up with a friend in a bar and simply talking about current economic trends. If you’ve always had a difficult time grasping the concept of money and the role of economics in a political and social landscape, then listen in to Planet Money here.

podcasts, super evil

Super Evil: Hatched in Hell
Host: Pam Pastor for Inquirer 
Country: Laguna, Philippines 
Language: Tagalog, English

The truly haunting crime stories are the ones that are close to home. That’s why when Pam Pastor and Inquirer Podcasts introduced, Super Evil, we were spooked to the core. The first season of Super Evil is titled, Hatched in Hell, which features the murder story of two college students in Laguna. The podcast is an insightful way of looking in to the exploitation of power and the consequences of the pursuit of justice. In addition to this, they use actual evidence acquired by Pastor through the Inquirer archives, so all of us could help each other out in piecing together the truth behind the story. Listen in to Super Evil here on Spotify.

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