Steal His Style: Dressing Like Darren Espanto

Steal His Style: Dressing Like Darren Espanto


From his favorite perfumes to the style notes he draws from artists like Jung Kook, explore Darren Esperanto’s style in this MEGA Man exclusive

Since his debut on The Voice Kids Philippines, where he clinched the spot of first runner-up, Darren Espanto has been on a continuous journey of improvement—both in singing and style. In an exclusive interview with MEGA Man, the 22-year-old artist opens up about his style evolution, favorite wardrobe staples, and his belief in the importance of men exploring fashion without hesitation. 

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Sharp and stylish

When it comes to dressing up for formal events, the singer reveals that he keeps it simple and trusts what looks good on him. Grateful for his stylist, Robel Briñas, Darren emphasizes, “You have to know what your brand is. You have to know what suits you and what doesn’t.” Describing his ideal suit in three words—simple, elegant, and classy—he highlights Filipino designer Francis Libiran as his consistent choice since the beginning of his showbiz career. He also shares that he believes that the only time he ventured into something out of his comfort zone was at last year’s MEGA Ball, donning a Francis creation featuring a weave print see-through design.

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Laidback rhythms

Darren Espanto looks polished in his casual look
Darren Espanto is effortlessly cool in his all-black ensemble

While casual usually means keeping it chill, this young man likes to add a trendy touch by staying informed about what’s in. His trick? Taking cues from idols like Jung Kook and Jackson Wang to see what works. He mentions that if he feels good about the look, then he’s all set.

Staying polished 

Darren highlights another aspect he pays attention to: his skin. Given his frequent public appearances, maintaining a polished look is certainly crucial for the artist. He reveals that he relies on BEAUTéDERM’s Blanc set for his skincare routine, particularly praising the tretinoin component for helping him with his acne problems. Moreover, for continuous care, he trusts Belo as his go-to aesthetic clinc. Oily skin is one of his primary concerns, he credited their treatments for effectively addressing this issue.

Discussing his favorite scents, Darren reveals that Santal by Le Labo used to be his signature, but he has moved on from it when it became widely popular. Now, he’s got these three new perfumes in rotation:

Darren's favorite perfumes

His style advice

In response to the question about his advice for men on the quest for their signature style, Darren promptly and enthusiastically replies, “Don’t be afraid to explore.” He went on to say it’s okay to ask for others’ opinions, but emphasized that the ultimate goal is to choose what truly brings you comfort.

Darren's style advice
All decked out in Bulgari

Featured Image: ANDREA BELDUA
Photos: DARREN ESPANTO (via Instagram)

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