Steal His Style: Dressing Like David Licauco 

Steal His Style: Dressing Like David Licauco 


David Licauco exclusively shares with MEGA Man his go-to pieces for a range of occasions, whether it’s a formal affair or a more casual setting

Undoubtedly one of his generation’s most notable leading men, David Licauco, also considered as today’s Pambansang Ginoo, makes sure that he stands out not just for his acting skills, but also for his distinctive fashion choices. Explore his current style picks, grooming insights, and tips for men defining their signature style in this MEGA Man exclusive.

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Staying sharp

David Licauco sports a Tom Ford ensemble at the 2023 GMA Gala

“I’d say I prioritize practicality and comfort.” This was Licauco’s straightforward response when asked how he decides when choosing outfits for formal events. He also mentions that he prefers neutral colors that he can mix and match, and adds that he usually does not go for what is trendy as he sticks with what he likes. The actor made sure to credit his stylist, David Milan, for the best formal looks he sported. He says that the stylist knows how to find the perfect balance of looking sophisticated without being boring, which is a style he constantly pursues. Standing out as his favorite formal fit so far, he looks back on his suit at the recent GMA Gala and says, “Definitely Tom Ford because it was surprisingly comfortable for a well-fitted suit.”

His casual choices 

Workwear jacket with gusseted pockets by EC.MNL
Workwear jacket with gusseted pockets by EC.MNL

It’s worth mentioning that this guy usually goes for a more casual approach, especially when he’s at his own spot, Sobra Cafe. He shares that his top picks for everyday wear include loose and stretchy jeans, a cozy shirt or polo, and some versatile rubber shoes that can seamlessly transition from the gym to the office or even a taping session.

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Sole preferences

Turning our focus to footwear, the actor is quite particular about his choices. Presently, Licauco finds joy in white shoes, praising their versatility for both dressing up or down. Notably, he singles out Common Projects and Axel Arigato as his preferred brands.

His grooming game 

Ternocon 2023 runway look by JOEY SAMSON
Ternocon 2023 runway look by JOEY SAMSON

Despite his busy schedule, Licauco emphasizes the importance of skincare, opting for products that are gentle on his skin, explaining, “Being consistent with it is important. I have also learned that sunscreen is very important and I make sure to never miss this step. I use Kemans’ because it is light and fuss-free.” 

Style advice

Reworked tailored jacket in black wool gabardine and acetate pongé by JUDE MACASINAG
Reworked tailored jacket in black wool gabardine and acetate pongé by JUDE MACASINAG

Wrapping up our chat, Licauco imparts three tips for men discovering their signature style. First off, he advises getting familiar with colors and silhouettes that complement your look, making outfit choices a breeze. Second, he emphasizes the importance of dressing for personal comfort. Lastly, he highlights, “I think fashion is such an empowering tool that allows people to build confidence, and it shows that when you feel good, you look good.” 


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