Style Your Hair Like A Pro With These EPIC New Brushes

Style Your Hair Like A Pro With These EPIC New Brushes


You can now style your hair like a pro with Wet Brush’s new EPIC brushes!
We feel you. Hair styling can be really tedious. Drying the hair can take up so much time plus ironing or curling. Not to mention all the damage and stress your hair goes through! But you don’t have to worry about time and damage anymore.
Wet Brush just released a revolutionary hair care line of brushes that will make styling easy and quick for you. With professional stylists in mind, these pro brushes will give you salon-like results you’ll totally love.
Ready to be amazed? Check out the five new brushes from Wet Brush Pro EPIC Professional:

Deluxe Detangle

Detangle your hair quickly and easily with Wet Brush’s Deluxe Detangle brush. Wet Brush keeps their Intelliflex® bristles that glide through hair effortlessly, making it easier to detangle hair. Get less breakage and split ends with this Deluxe Detangle brush, perfect for your after shower routine.

Quick Dry

Save up to 30% of your time in drying your hair with Wet Brush’s Quick Dry brush. The open vented design channels allow more hot air to get into the hair, making it quicker and easier to dry your hair especially when you’re in a rush!


Get superior volume and shine with Wet Brush Pro’s Blowout brush. Its extra long carbon infused barrel is perfect for thermal styling. It’s chemical and heat resistant so you’re sure that your hair will have less damage than normal brushes.


The best of Wet Brush’s technology specifically made for extensions! The looped bristles ease through tangles without snagging hair, wefts, and weaves. You don’t have to worry about your brush catching on your extensions!

Super Smooth Blowout

Multi-task with Wet Brush Pro’s Super Smooth Blowout Brush. It has a vented barrel and a perfect blend of boar and nylon bristles to provide quick drying time. Meanwhile, the smooth ceramic surface acts as an iron, smoothing and adding shine.

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