The Stylists Of The 30th MEGA Anniversary Go Beyond Just Glitz & Glamour

The Stylists Of The 30th MEGA Anniversary Go Beyond Just Glitz & Glamour


Meaningful intention paired with brilliance—we touch on the stylists who paved a way for an even grander 30th anniversary celebration for MEGA. 

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In this cutthroat industry, it’s easy to get swayed in a swirl of glitz and glamour; to lose focus on the intentions and missions that constitute the foundation. 

For those very reasons, MEGA would like to place the spotlight on the creatives that delivered excellently whilst maintaining the heart and emotion in their finished products. We shine the light on the people who not only contributed to the 30th anniversary issue of MEGA, but also, elevated it into an even grander celebration with their creative genius and innovative spirits.

Here are the stylists that went above and beyond just glitz and glam for the highly anticipated 30th anniversary of MEGA. 

Ryuji Shiomistu 

Cottagecore took on a whole new level with Shiomistu’s powerful and somewhat, sentimental interpretation of life on the proverbial hills. However, his craft satisfies more than just the aesthetics, but also values that embrace Filipino talent. One of the beauties of his creative direction is that it is balanced yet no less striking. 

30th Anniversary MEGA stylists

The creative industry in the Philippines is very unique. It merges a very strong sense of the past while exponentially growing aesthetically in the present, all while developing a great sense of the future.” 

Gee Jocson 

What is amazing about Jocson’s (/hoc-son/) designs is that they are so deeply evocative. It comes with the glitz and the glamour but not without striking a chord. 

Here, the pain point she touches on is the struggle between artistic expression and profit. Today’s fashion industry is embodying less and less the “more and more” nature that haute couture represents. At lightning speed, fast fashion is becoming the norm—forcing others who haven’t adapted to hastily fit the mold. 

30th Anniversary MEGA stylists

However, Jocson challenges that by transforming the codes of a classic perspective in fashion and adapting it to fit more modern tastes. 

Team Rain x Em

The expanse of Team Rain and Em’s empire grows in direct proportion with the new generation of fashion. The way these stylists championed Kendra Kramer’s 90s wardrobe for the 30th anniversary of MEGA proved the aforementioned.

30th Anniversary MEGA stylists

The powerhouse duo has a compelling way of telling stories through their craft. Often their tales are a fusion of classic codes and fresh perspectives. According to the veteran stylist, Dagala, their work is geared towards heightening the senses, building aspirations and affecting purchase decisions. We just know that there’s no stopping this pairing’s formidable career. 

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