Sunnies Face Has Your Dream Lipstick

Sunnies Face Has Your Dream Lipstick


Lipstick lovers are in for a treat because Sunnies Face is finally here. There is a multitude of lipstick brands out there who claim a lot of things, and with the vast amount of choices in the market, what makes a lipstick stand out? Is it strong pigment? Texture? Finish? Price? Packaging? Or all of the above? Sunnies Face might have the answer.

It Girls Georgina Wilson, Martine Cajucom, Bea Soriano-Dee and Jess Wilson all took to Instagram today to unveil their latest baby, SUNNIES FACE. From the looks of their campaign photo, which was revealed in SUNNIES STUDIOS as well, their first offering is all about vibrantly-hued lipsticks with a suede-like matte finish, housed in a simple yet chic modern monotone case.

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Sunnies Face Has Your Dream Lipstick

Here’s what the women from the Sunnies group say about the lipsticks: “Today we’re introducing a dream project. We’ve had for years and making it real. It started by answering a frequently asked question—what lipstick is she wearing? Creating new things and playing with color is what we do best at Sunnies Studios and we wanted to make that come alive with our makeup line. Meet Sunnies Face. It’s everything we want about beauty that we think you’d love too. Once you try it, you’ll get what we mean when we say it’s the best lip ever.”

Sunnies Face Has Your Dream Lipstick

The women are known as tastemakers and have taken their brand to new heights with the launch of SUNNIES STUDIOS, SUNNIES SPECS, SUNNIES CAFE and now SUNNIES FACE. We except nothing less from the group and needless to say, we can’t wait to get our hands on these babies!

Sunnies Face Has Your Dream Lipstick

Stay tuned here for more exclusive details about this new line!

Save the date!

Georgina shows us how to rock a classic red lip.

When it comes to fresh-faced looks, we can always turn to Jess for inspiration.

Never one to shy away from bright colors, Martine encourages us to step out of our comfort zone.

Being the effortless beauty that she is, Bea is a showstopper in pinkish-nude hues.

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