The 5 Trendsetting Looks of Anne Curtis Inspired by Taylor Swift’s Eras

The 5 Trendsetting Looks of Anne Curtis Inspired by Taylor Swift’s Eras


What’s your era? From Reputation to Midnights, Anne Curtis shows us her style through diverse looks reflected through Taylor Swift’s eras

Dazzling is one way to describe Anne Curtis during the Australian leg of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. Another is, of course, bejeweled. Swifties often reflect their favorite eras through their style and fashion. Whether it’s embracing the darker edge of Reputation or the bohemian-inspired aesthetic of Folklore and Evermore, the singer‘s diverse sound has influenced not only the music of her fans’ playlists but also their wardrobes. This is Anne Curtis’ style through modern Taylor Swift eras, starting with Reputation.

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Reputation: Embracing Boldness and Edge

Following the tumultuous drama with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Taylor Swift vanished from the public’s prying gaze, slowly producing a hiatus that left fans hungering for her return. Emerging from the shadows is Reputation when Swift unleashed an album unlike any in her repertoire. The album’s ambiance was cloaked in darkness, with every note echoing the sultry whispers of intrigue and defiance. Gone were the days of innocence and naivety; in their place emerged a femme fatale adorned in dark lipstick, clad in sleek black bodysuits that hugged her curves with a magnetic allure. Snake motifs slithered across her wardrobe, a symbolic declaration of reclaiming power. 

Reputation look

Anne Curtis exuded confidence reminiscent of Swift’s iconic transformation during the Reputation era including sultry silhouettes. Take, for instance, her Gucci ensemble, paired with a head-turning, dazzling gem bra top that will have you staring for days, paired only with a simple black skirt. It’s a seemingly simple look at first glance, but upon closer inspection, one can’t help but be captivated by the subtle yet striking details. With her piercing gaze and a smirk playing at the corners of her lips, Curtis embodies the essence of the era with undeniable panache. Like a serpent poised to strike, she effortlessly captivates observers with her killer looks and an aura of unapologetic confidence.

Lover: Embracing Romance and Whimsy

Transitioning into the enchanting Lover era, Swift welcomed a softer, more romantic aesthetic, reminiscent of a sun-drenched garden after a refreshing rain. Drastically departing from the dark allure of Reputation, the Lover album arose as a rainbow, casting aside the serpentine motifs for delicate butterflies and trading in the somber hues for a palette reminiscent of a blossoming rose garden, with blush pinks, soft lavenders, and tender apricots painting the sky after a cloudy day. While this era was regrettably cut short by the onset of the pandemic, the colorful celebration of love was a delightful respite from the storm. 

Anne Curtis adopted this whimsical vibe, becoming a charming hue—or hues—that matched her playful personality. The standout moment by the actress ​​was when she donned a custom “Bejeweled” look by Michael Leyva when she attended the Era tour show in Australia. With her hair swept into soft curls and her makeup aglow and glittered with a natural radiance, Curtis transported viewers into a dreamscape where love reigned supreme.

Folklore and Evermore: Embracing Rustic Bohemian Vibes

While in isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Taylor Swift found solace in her creativity, creating an alternative indie album inspired by folksongs and escapism. Not content to rest on her laurels, Swift continued to explore the depths of her artistic expression with the release of Evermore, a companion piece to Folklore that continued the introspective musings born out of lockdown. While the album aesthetics remained consistent, with their earthy tones and natural imagery, the most noticeable difference lay in their seasonal vibes: Folklore evoked the warmth of a summer’s day, while Evermore embraced the melancholy beauty of cold embrace.

Folklore look
Evermore look

From cozy knit sweaters that enveloped her in warmth to linen dresses paired with light sneakers that spoke of carefree days spent wandering through sun-dappled meadows, Curtis embodied the free-spirited nature of this Swift eras. Undoubtedly, it’s the easiest to follow, especially in the tropical climate of the Philippines, where the warmth of the sun combats the chill of any drizzling rain. 

Midnights: Embracing Retro Chic

Swift’s 10th studio album, Midnights, is birthed into the world, blending her signature pop aura with a newfound soft edge that beguiles listeners from the first note. With her return to pop, the singer brings out a newfound confidence and an undeniable desire to share her truth with the world. The visuals accompanying the album transport audiences back to the bewitching days of the 1970s, with a nod to disco’s shimmering appeal and the cozy comfort of corduroy flares. Swift’s wardrobe choices reflect this nostalgic aesthetic, incorporating embellishments such as sequins and textures that evoke a sense of glamour and cool.

Midnights look

Meet her at midnight. Anne Curtis stands as retro chic, channeling the spirit of the ’70s with her impeccable fashion sense. Clad in a form-fitting spaghetti-strap black dress, Curtis exudes an aura of understated glamour, her long, wavy blonde locks cascading beneath a chic headband. The addition of a cropped cardigan sweater, strategically designed to create a mesmerizing cut-out illusion, adds an element of intrigue to her ensemble. 

From the bold edginess of Reputation to the whimsical romance of Lover, and the rustic charm of Folklore and Evermore to the retro chic of Midnights, Curtis has embraced every facet of Swift’s musical journey with impeccable style and panache. As the actress continues to capture the eyes with her stylish sensibilities, the actress reminds us that true style knows no limitations and that every era is an opportunity for reinvention. It’s always show time for Anne Curtis.

Photos and Featured Image: ANNE CURTIS (via Instagram)

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