The Beauty Looks Explained: Kaila Estrada Is A Flush-Faced Fantasy

The Beauty Looks Explained: Kaila Estrada Is A Flush-Faced Fantasy


Model and content creator, Kaila Estrada, shows us how to work blush in all the different ways you can. Find out the beauty inspiration and direction for the newest MEGAStyle cover.

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Just by looking at Kaila’s Instagram feed, you’ll see that she is not afraid to try out new make-up looks. She has tried bold metallic liner, colorful gradient eyeshadow, and so much more eccentric looks. That’s why we found it to be the perfect match for us to be collaborating with Ever Bilena and Kaila on this MEGAStyle Cover Shoot. Ever Bilena is known for their diverse line of cosmetics and the versatility of their products. So, it was easy for us to come up with a look book that would compliment the artistic direction of the photoshoot. Here’s what our mood board looked like for Kaila Estrada’s oriental inspired cover with Ever Bilena.

A Touch of Rouge

We wanted to gradually transition to each look, so our first look was the simplest from the four. Despite an overall clean outcome, we still wanted pops of red to shine out of the look. This is where we used the Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Lusty Red as an eyeliner to really showcase the versatility of the product.

Kaila in Paris

As soon as the whole look came together, we decided that this was Emily in Paris gone right. The combination of sunburnt cheeks, faux freckles, and tousled hair brought out a Parisian aesthetic we didn’t expect to see. But, we were glad it happened. Aica used the Ever Bilena Blush Rush in Coral Crush on Kaila’s cheeks for a soft flush.

Smeared at the Disco

Our third layout, was full of energy. From the set to the outfit, this layout invoked a lot of movement. To match the power suit, we gave Kaila a semi-greasy smeared eyeshadow look. It was satirical in a way, since when you’re in a real club you sometimes accidentally rub off your makeup.

Flushed Out

The last look was very experimental and editorial. We wanted to push the boundaries on this one since it was the very last layout we had for the day. Kaila donned red eyelashes, uberly flushed cheeks, and a red lip. This look was inspired international beauty editorials and we wanted to deck out the use of the Ever Bilena products. So, you’ll see both the lipstick and the tint utilized for this look.


Photography DOOKIE DUCAY

Creative Direction NICOLE ALMERO

Fashion Direction and Styling DANIEL REYES

Beauty Direction MIKA REYES

Sittings Editor JEB FRONDA



Shoot Coordination PATRICIA RAMOS

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