The Beauty Looks Explained: Lesha MEGAStyle Cover for GUESS

The Beauty Looks Explained: Lesha MEGAStyle Cover for GUESS


Lesha is an absolute stunner in a beauty look she has never tried before. Find out the inspiration behind our indigo child creation.

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For our latest MEGAStyle cover, we were in collaboration with GUESS and 88 Rising. Because of this, our direction was focused on representing the attitude and lifestyle of the two brands. That’s why our cover girl, Lesha, was the absolute best fit for the job, ticking off all the categories of an international lofi pop star: talented, creative, and spunky. We wanted to showcase this to the best of our capabilities, which is why we chose a beauty look that brought out all her features without jeopardizing creativity.

MEGAStyle’s Indigo Child, Lesha
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Pigmented Purple Lids

Lesha’s eyes naturally slant upwards, which is a great canvas for a cat-eye shaped eyeshadow look. On the other hand, the color of the look was decided by Jeb Fronda, MEGAStyle’s Editor. She wanted the color to compliment the new collection by GUESS and 88 Rising.

The projection of the eyeshadow look worked out beautifully with the overall direction. Lesha was edgy, effortless, and exciting in each shot as the shoot progressed.

Nude Lips

With the striking hues of the eye look, it was an obvious choice to go nude on the lips. As much as possible, we wanted the look to be balanced. Apart from this, we decided to go for a glossy nude to create the illusion of plumpness.

During the shoot, we decided to try out flash photography. Surprisingly, this went very well with the glossy nude lips. For each layout, Lesha’s lips were glimmering at the reflection of the flash.

Slicked-back Tresses

This was a unanimous decision made by the whole MEGAStyle team. We went through Lesha’s Instagram and found out that she has never tried the slicked-back look. So, we decided to be the first ones to do it on her. She has a beautiful face and slicking back her hair would emphasize this.

Photography ERWIN CANLAS


Fashion Direction and Styling DANIEL REYES

Beauty Direction MIKA REYES

Sittings Editor JEB FRONDA



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