The Brands You Need to Channel Barbie For Your Next Workout

The Brands You Need to Channel Barbie For Your Next Workout


Want to channel Barbie while you’re working on your fitness? Here’s a list of brands to shop from for looks that were inspired by the iconic doll

The ever-so-popular Barbiecore is more than just a style microtrend. Embracing this mindset means inviting vibrancy into your life and exuding happiness and confidence everywhere you go. And since the trend is named after the iconic doll, Barbiecore is also all about adopting Barbie’s spirit of youthful exuberance and true joy for life. Making this mindset sink in will take time, but looking the part won’t. With that, we’ve listed down some of our favorite athleisure and workout looks on the doll and where to shop for similar looks.

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Of course, in true Barbie fashion, only wear whatever makes you feel happy and comfortable, but if you need a guide on how to dress and where to look for specific outfits, this list is for you. Notably, this list includes both local and international brands with a wide range of sizes to choose from.

Yoga attire

Photo: BARBIE STYLE (via Instagram)
Photo: ALO YOGA (via Instagram)

Bright pink leggings and black long sleeves fit for yoga are easy enough to find nowadays. Our top picks are Alo Yoga’s Paradise Pink High-Waist Airlift Legging paired with their Gather Long Sleeve. You can also opt for Recess’ Do Everything Legging and On Pointe Crop.

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Photo: BARBIE STYLE (via Instagram)
Photo: FRANKIES BIKINIS (via Instagram)

To meld Barbiecore with balletcore, you can browse through brands like Frankies Bikinis for their Pointe High Waist Legging and Giselle Tank. Frankies Bikinis has shrug tops, too, but you can find wrap tops similar to what the Barbie’s wearing at Skims. If you’re also interested in getting leg warmers, Alo Yoga is one way to go.

Tennis chic

Photo: BARBIE STYLE (via Instagram)
Photo: MILLENNX (via Instagram)

For stylish dresses to wear to the tennis court, check out MillennX’s Adele dress, Alo Yoga’s Charmed Tennis Dress, Varley’s Dalton Court Dress, and Staud’s Volley Dress. A classic polo shirt and tennis skirt combo from the said brands will get the job done as well. Complete your outfit with a bright headband and you’ll embody this Barbie at court! 

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Comfy sweats

Photo: BARBIE STYLE (via Instagram)
Photo: ATHLETA (via Instagram)

Who says you can’t be comfy while working out? For matching bras and sweats like hers, check out Athleta for their Brooklyn Heights Jogger and matching bra tops in Berry Rose. You also have the option of bubble gum pink fleece pants and bralettes from Skims.

Hiking outfit

Photo: BARBIE STYLE (via Instagram)
Photo: LULULEMON (via Instagram)

When hiking, something simple and comfortable would be best to prevent any accidents and discomfort. For an outfit like this Barbie’s, you can find classic black shorts from Crop Shop Boutique, lululemon, and Recess. For the top, you’ll find similar pieces at Gymshark and lululemon.

Featured Image: SKIMS (via Instagram)

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