The Cheat Sheet: Top-Rated Local Men’s Grooming Products of the Year

The Cheat Sheet: Top-Rated Local Men’s Grooming Products of the Year


Upgrade your essentials with these notable men’s grooming products released by Filipino brands this year

From meticulous skincare routines to the pursuit of a unique personal fragrance, the importance of grooming cannot be overstated for any man. Thankfully, local brands have recognized this demand, responding with collections tailored to simplify and enhance every man’s experience. Here is a lineup of the best men’s grooming products released this year—a curated local selection for a better you in the upcoming 2024.

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For hair

Men's grooming products - for hair
The Maverick’s Sea Salt Spray

Focusing on The Maverick‘s commitment to men’s hair care, their dedication is evident in the carefully curated lineup of products designed to elevate grooming routines. Offering a range encompassing water-based styling creams, volumizing hair creams, sea-salt sprays, and texture pastes, they’ve impressively assembled a selection catering to those gentlemen seeking to enhance their hair care practices.

For skin

Camou for Men's Mattifying Sun Stick
Camou for Men’s Mattifying Sun Stick

Emphasizing the essential nature of skincare for men, our spotlight is on Camou for Men, a relatively new brand that made its debut this year. Offering a sleek and undeniably masculine packaging, their product lineup includes noteworthy items such as eye rescue, lip defense, mattifying sun stick, and tinted moisturizer. As we look ahead, the anticipation builds for the future offerings this brand is poised to unveil in the coming year.

For makeup 

Issy's True Flex Powder Foundation
Issy’s True Flex Powder Foundation

Marking a milestone in the makeup landscape, Issy has introduced a line specifically crafted for men. In a nod to the gender-neutral essence of cosmetics, the brand’s initiative to enhance inclusivity is both refreshing and commendable. The current lineup showcases six essential products, reintroducing favorites like the Active Skin Tint, Active Concealer, and True Flex Powder Foundation for a polished base. Addressing eyebrow needs, men can explore the Brow Pencil Trio, Brow Detailing Pen, and Brow Fixing Gel in this collection.

For scents

Luxe Fragrances for Men Chivalry
Luxe Fragrances for Men Chivalry

Last but not least, we won’t miss out on an important aspect of men’s grooming—the right scents. One of the standout releases this year is Luxe Organix‘s Luxe Fragrances for Men, which introduces Anarchy, a fresh spicy scent; Chivalry, a clean and alluring citrusy and woody fragrance; and Triumph, a sweet yet masculine crisp citrusy scent. For men keen on elevating their olfactory game, these scents are definitely worth a try.

Photos: ISSY, CAMOU FOR MEN, and THE MAVERICK (via Instagram)
Video: LUXE ORGANIX (via Instagram)

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