The Era of Good Girl Shoes

The Era of Good Girl Shoes


From loafers, Mary Janes, to ballet flats, we’re here to walk you through the era of good girl shoes and how you can style them

Reading the trend of shoes nowadays can be confusing to some. There are others who lean towards the comfort of sneakers while others like to put a little edge with their military boots. Either way, we have seen the rise of hoarding shoes rise in just a few months and we are guilty of doing it too. Although just recently, there has been a slow shift in style that many have been wearing out and about the streets. We are calling it the era of the good girl shoes and we’re here to break it down for you. 


Good Girl Shoe
Photo: GUCCI (via Instagram)

It’s the first of the three from this list that made an unforeseen comeback before the pandemic even happened. Fashion houses such as Gucci and Prada released modern iterations of the pair, which then cascaded down to mainstream fashion culture. Whether it’s black or brown, chunky or sleek, it has become a go-to for those who like looking crisp and structured. 

How to style loafers women
Photo: PRADA (via Instagram)

When it comes to styling loafers, you have two options. You can either go for the classic and chic vibe, or the edgy and trendy look. If you’re the type who often goes for the first option, then you’re going to want to wear it with a simple tank top and a pair of loose denim shorts, then finish it off with some gold jewelry. As for the second look, you can wear it with a body-hugging mini dress with cutouts before accessorizing it with some silver jewelry. 

Mary Janes

How to style loafers women
Photo: LOUIS VUITTON (via website)

People have been wearing their own Mary Janes more often than not, and this just proves that the pair is both timeless and trendy at the same time. It also features various finishes, which makes it seem like statement shoes, but it also depends on how you style them. 

How to style loafers women
Photo: PRADA (via Instagram)

Since the Mary Janes have a versatile finish to it, you can be more playful with them compared to others. There are those who would wear them with their neutral ensembles, while some would match their pair with striking socks to make them pop even more. 

Ballet Flats

How to style ballet flats women
Photo: ALAÏA (via Instagram)

Now, who would’ve thought these shoes would see the light of the day after so many years? But fret not because it has a new look and has a more chic appeal compared to the ones being used on stage. 

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How to style ballet flats women
Photo: MIU MIU (via website)

Out of the three shoes, ballet flats are the most recent pairs to hit mainstream fashion, and we’ve already seen how others have been styling them. A signature look for this is the effortless ensemble that consists of your basics neatly styled together. It’s your comfort dress or straight-cut denims with a white t-shirt or button-down—closet staples that can never go wrong—and the ballet flats are the ideal pair to complete the ensemble. 

Featured Image: MASSIMO DUTTI (via Instagram)

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