The Fashion House Personalities of Kathryn, Nadine, Gabbi, Bianca, and Barbie

The Fashion House Personalities of Kathryn, Nadine, Gabbi, Bianca, and Barbie


Kathryn Bernardo, Nadine Lustre, Gabbi Garcia, Bianca Umali, and Barbie Forteza show us how to bring alive Prada, Schiaparelli, Chanel, Mugler, and Dior in their personal styles

Since time immemorial, fashion has a way of establishing individuality, status, and taste. Elevating oneself can manifest through style, and over time, individuals like celebrities refine their personalities through sartorial choices. While clothes can reflect identity, knowing who we are can also dictate the pieces in our closet. Case in point, the personal trend of Kathryn Bernardo, Nadine Lustre, Gabbi Garcia, Bianca Umali, and Barbie Forteza. 

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Photo: NADINE LUSTRE (via Instagram)

These female actresses have achieved star status not just for their respective crafts, but also in the way they carry themselves through their wardrobe. Over the years, these artists have solidified their personas through their clothing choices, forming an image that aligns to the vision and mission of renowned maisons. With that, here’s how they embody the codes of these fashion houses. 

Kathryn as Prada 

Prada epitomizes understated luxury with its minimalist aesthetics, clean lines, and committed craftsmanship. We witness this with Kathryn refining and poising her fashion choices as she focuses on classic silhouettes and subtle color palettes. The actress knows how to inject bright shades and textured garments in her wardrobe, but still achieving the brand’s understated opulence through her red carpet appearance and everyday outfits. Just like Prada’s image, the A Very Good Girl star’s choices complement her ingenuity. 

Kathryn Bernardo fashion luxury house Prada
Photo: KATHRYN BERNARDO (via Instagram)

Nadine as Schiaparelli

Known for its surreal and avant-garde designs that challenge fashion’s conventions with bold, innovative creations, Schiaparelli always pushes boundaries. If there’s a daring fashion maven who we often see in daring pieces, unique patterns, and statement accessories, it’s none other than Nadine Lustre. With her fearless style, the Nokturno actress captivates the spirit of Elsa Schiaparelli by embracing the brand’s surreal and avant-garde pieces. 

Nadine Lustre fashion luxury house Schiaparelli
Photo: NADINE LUSTRE (via Instagram)

Gabbi as Chanel

Chanel’s enduring elegance with contemporary sophistication are the double helix forming the Maison’s DNA of timeless fashion. Iconic tweed suits, little black dresses, and quilted handbags will always be on trend. Elegance, in the grueling industry such as show business, is something Gabbi Garcia has. Her grace allows her to blend classic pieces with modern accessories that resonate with Chanel’s core. After all, class never goes out of style. 

Gabbi Garcia fashion luxury house Chanel
Photo: GABBI GARCIA (via Instagram)

Bianca as Mugler

Mugler is always in the mood for bold, sculptural designs that embrace and accentuate the female form, emphasizing strong silhouettes, daring cuts, and innovative tailoring. We easily see this in Bianca Umali’s confidence to don power suits and statement gowns that celebrate unique silhouettes. Thierry Mugler’s iconic brand showcases a fearless approach to design and a celebration of the female form, certainly a part of Bianca’s clothing codes.

Bianca Umali fashion luxury Mugler
Photo: BIANCA UMALI (via Instagram)

Barbie as Dior

Dior is celebrated for its romantic and feminine designs, underscoring soft silhouettes, delicate fabrics, and an air of sophistication. Barbie Forteza indeed embodies an easy, understated chic. She often opts for delicate dresses and accessories, displaying a blend of femininity and grace. The Maging Sino Ka Man star has an understated yet impactful style, capturing the essence of Christian Dior’s brand. Truly, Barbie’s style highlights the romanticism and elegance inherent in the Maison’s creations. 

Barbie Forteza fashion luxury house Dior
Photo: BARBIE FORTEZA (via Instagram)

Featured Image: JAN RAROQUE, KATHRYN BERNARDO, and NADINE LUSTRE (via Instagram)


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