The Future is Kylie

The Future is Kylie


We try to unravel lead star Kylie Verzosa in her best form, as she talks about forging a career by her own rules, and the process of healing

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Below is an excerpt from MEGA Entertainment’s July 2022 cover story.

The wound is fresh, which makes it understandable, why, when we ask a few questions, it would take Kylize Verzosa a while to answer. “I’m still processing,” she would say with pure sincerity. 

“It has been good—ups and downs,” she answers when we ask how she’s doing in that aspect of her busy life. “But recently, more ups than downs.” She doesn’t chase “those ups,” she reveals. They just come, especially when she’s working. The downs, too, just come. 

“Thoughts. Memories. Triggers,” she says, trying to explain those downs. “I try to analyze, process, and keep myself busy. I talk to a friend. We’re public figures. So it’s hard when you get notified like on social media. You don’t really want to see things, but it’s there right in front of your face. And I kinda have to deal with that. And it’s hard when there aren’t many people that you can talk to. I’m glad that I have a small circle of friends who understand what I’m going through. And I guess that’s so important for your mental health.”

She and Cuenca haven’t spoken at all since the breakup. “It’s a breakup,” she reiterates. “When you text, why pa? I’m not like that, dilly-dallying. If you’ve decided, you’ve decided.” 

She can still miss him. And on most days, he can still fill her thoughts. The day before the interview, she cried: “I guess it’s the memories. It was a long relationship; there are so many memories.” 

For now, she says, other questions that people ask, or those that she asks herself, may have to stay unanswered. And that’s okay. “It’s so hard for me to answer certain things because hindi ko pa nalalagpasan ’yong grieving stage. Hindi ko pa masagot. I really can’t answer so many things about it.” 

But through her palpable pain, she assures anyone who wants to listen that she feels no remorse and has no regrets. “No anger, no resentment, nothing negative. I guess if I have to describe that, I’m grateful, happy, ecstatic, and hopeful.” 

Read more about Kylie Verzosa’s journey toward being a successful actress and healing in MEGA Entertainment’s July 2022 issue now available on ReadlyMagzter, Press Reader and Zinio.

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