The GMA Sparkle Spell 2023 Brought These Characters to Life

The GMA Sparkle Spell 2023 Brought These Characters to Life


From Filipino fantasy to foreign pop culture references, these Kapuso stars dressed up as various characters at the GMA Sparkle Spell 2023

Last night’s GMA Sparkle Spell witnessed the versatility of the Kapuso stars as they transformed into their chosen looks for their October bash. Giving a nod to pop culture references, it was a mix of spooky, stylish, and standout costumes at the black carpet. Who doesn’t love a Halloween season when it’s a time to be who you want to be? 

Certainly, a number of actors made sure to make the night a memorable one for them. With that, MEGA Entertainment rounds up some of the stars that made our heads turn for their character-inspired costumes. 

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Kyline Alcantara

Ruling the black carpet with her all out transformation, the Kapuso star brought winter with her as the Night King from Game of Thrones. From her prosthetics to her whole ensemble, the actress and her team really paid much attention to detail, following the fabulously frightening theme of the occasion.

Kyline Alcantara Night Walker King Game of Thrones Halloween GMA Sparkle Spell 2023

Derrick Monasterio

Like a true warrior ready for the Trojan war, the actor committed to his Troy-inspired look by gracing the black carpet riding an actual horse. That’s how serious Derrick was in “fighting” for the best costume prize. 

Derrick Monasterio Troy GMA Sparkle Spell 2023

Sanya Lopez

A sure head turner at the GMA Sparkle Spell 2023 was Sanya who had two extra heads with her—of snakes, that is! Inspired by the Jim Fernandez comic character, Galema, we can’t wait for the actress to dominate more in the fantaserye scene.

Sanya Lopez fantaserye Galema snake Halloween party

Sienna Stevens

Spreading her wings as a young star, Sienna dressed up as Alwina from the Kapuso series Mulawin. She definitely showed off her charm last night. 

Sienna Stevens Mulawin Alwina Sparkle Spell Kapuso artist

Alden Richards

Keeping it fictional yet on the simpler side, the artist dressed up as his role, Lance, from Five Breakups and a Romance

Alden Richards Lance Five Breakups And A Romance role Sparkle Spell

David Licauco

At first glance, David’s Roronoa Zoro may seem like the rest of the iterations from the other Kapuso artists. But did you know that the Pambansang Ginoo actually brought real Katana swords with him? 

David Licauco Roronoa Zoro costume katana role One Piece

Barbie Forteza

A Khaleesi of her own right, Barbie took on another regal role at the Halloween party donning her own version of Daenarys Targaryen. This earned her a Sparkle Star of the Night award. 

Barbie Forteza GMA Sparkle Spell 2023 Daenarys Targaryen

Julie Anne San Jose and Rayver Cruz

Whether it’s them or their costumes as Daphne and Fred from Scooby Doo, the chemistry between Julie Anne San Jose and Rayver Cruz was truly undeniable! 

Julie Anne San Jose Rayver Cruz couple costume Fred Daphne Scooby Doo

Miguel Tanfelix and Ysabel Ortega

Coming from their black-on-black ensembles from last year, Miguel and Ysabel decided to make it more fun by going as the Alice in Wonderland characters. Ysabel carried her Alice charm as she walked together with Miguel, who was dressed up as the Mad Hatter. 

Miguel Tanfelix Ysabel Ortega Mad Hatter Alice in Wonderland costume pairing Sparkle Spell

Photography RYAN PANCHA

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