The Inspiration Behind CD 1974, Dior’s Latest Collaboration With Birkenstock

The Inspiration Behind CD 1974, Dior’s Latest Collaboration With Birkenstock


An unprecedented creative collaboration between Dior and Birkenstock offers must-have shoes that combines functionality and elegance.

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Inspirations are drawn from various forms and become unique interpretations of what is already there. Like how radiant flowers bloom amidst a field of greens evokes a feeling of awe while vast mountains painted in hues of yellow and orange reminds us of nature’s magnificence. It creates a beautiful bond between the tangible and intangible. And with Dior’s latest collaboration with Birkenstock, the love for nature and garden becomes the thread that ties two globally renowned names together.

The new CD 1974 capsule showcases an exciting dialogue between Kim Jones and the legacy of Monsieur Dior. Their partnership with Birkenstock enabled the House to reinvent two iconic designs—  the Tokio mules and Milano sandals— a subtle tribute to Monsieur Dior’s passion for gardening by combining functionality and elegance. And as they launch the collection, an unveiling of a new “Christian Dior” signature and a key date “1974” — the year of Dior’s first défilé, is featured on the creations. A collaboration uniquely curated for those who find an affinity towards nature and garden.

Tokio Mule

The Tokio Mule, an iconic Birkenstock design interpreted with a nod to the Dior heritage.  Rubber accents enhance the practicality of a shoe, charming floral hand-embroideries— inspired by Dior Couture’s design from 1957— references back to Monsieur Dior’s love of gardens.  

Milano Sandal

The Milano Sandal, one of the highly-anticipated pieces from the collection. As suede and felted wool textiles cover the top, it is embellished with hallmark buckles and an adjustable back strap. It is then completed by an anatomically shaped cork and latex footbed wrapped in smooth leather. The Dior Oblique and Bones motif is featured in a gradient combination at the rubber outsole. The iconic sandal is impeccably structured and modernized— an ode to the tradition of the Dior and functionality of Birkenstock.

Visit the newly opened Dior boutique at Greenbelt 3. Discover the complete collection on their website.

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