The Lion King's Makeup Team Dishes Out Life-Changing Pro Tips

The Lion King's Makeup Team Dishes Out Life-Changing Pro Tips


20 years since its Broadway premiere, Disney’s The Lion King is still slaying the stage — from the actor’s performances to set design. But your beloved characters wouldn’t be who they are on stage if not for the makeup.

We witnessed actor Antony Lawrence’s transformation to Scar in a quick tutorial with The Lion King’s makeup team. Not only did we see how a character was created through makeup but we also got pro tips from the team! Read on to find out what we learned from The Lion King’s makeup team.

Bake and Set

A translucent powder holds so much power than we think it does. The team shared that the makeup would last from the first act to the last (sometimes even longer!) once set with a loose powder.

Eyeliner that Lasts

Having to draw a whole new eyeshadow and lips for Antony to be Scar, the team trusts an eyeliner that are accessible even to us. The makeup team uses MAC’s Longwear Fluidline to make sure Scar’s new eyebrows and lips lasts throughout the show.

Pro Makeup Remover

When asked what Filipino product the team uses during their Manila shows, they dropped the ever reliable “coconut oil”. Antony adds that he prefers using coconut oil then wiping it off with a hot towel before washing them when he gets back to the hotel.

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