Meet the Most-Requested Bob Hairstyles to Inspire Your Hair Refresh

Meet the Most-Requested Bob Hairstyles to Inspire Your Hair Refresh


The start of the new season seemingly calls for a transformative hair edit. Think dramatic chops or statement color. After all, there’s no time like the present to decide on your overall look for the remainder of the year. As for the popular choice this fall? Incredibly chic bob haircuts. Yes, the beauty calendar officially marks the exciting return of the relatively low-maintenance hairdo, convincing celebrities and influential personalities to take their strands above the collarbone. 

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bob haircut

Beauty muses like Hailey Bieber, Zendaya, and Kourtney Kardashian-Barker practically initiated the notion for the chic bob haircut, but a closer look at their assortments reveals subtle differences that make it a character of its own. The popular cut, of course, is nothing new. But with its emphasis on classic and understated elegance, it comes as no surprise as to why it’s versatile enough to make an exciting return this fall. 

The Italian Bob

The Italian Bob

Italian bobs are undeniably the most popular iteration of the style for the season. The cut is often characterized by the end resting below the chin and above the shoulders. As for the standout detail? The tips are slightly frayed with the top subtly layered. It’s surprisingly more low-maintenance compared to its shorter counterparts. More so, it’s one choice that effortlessly looks good on any face shape. Pro tip: Style it with an extra deep side part for a hint of flare. 

The French Bob 

bob haircut
Photo: ROBBIE PIÑERA (via Instagram)

French bobs are nothing less than très chic. Need proof? Take a cue from celebrity adoptees like Anne Curtis. The multi-hyphenate fronted every beauty headline when she debuted her shortest hair to date, delivering an Amélie-meets-Mathilda French-girl appeal. It’s the perfect cut to sport if you are looking for a cheekbone-skimming style. It’s mostly ideal for anyone with an oval face shape, but you can always adjust the length to flatter yours.

The Flippy Bob 

The Flippy Bob haircut
Photo: HAILEY BIEBER (via Instagram)

Flippy bobs are an impossibly chic option, but what’s the definition of this cool girl bob anyway? It’s a shorter cut with layers that have been styled to kick outwards. Maintaining the chop takes a little more effort to pull off, but a slicked-back look is a fool-proof way to style it. Pro tip: To keep the style last all day long, use a trusted mousse or hair wax to shape the hair near the crown and front hairline. Lastly, apply shine-enhancing oils and sprays all over your hair to ensure a sleek finish.

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