The Reasons You Should Make the Sweet Switch to DIY Sugaring

The Reasons You Should Make the Sweet Switch to DIY Sugaring


Say bye-bye to all your unwanted hair with Candied & Waxed that has changed the game with its toffee-like hair removal alternative

When people find out about alternative hair removal methods, they usually become enticed about the idea of a painless session at home. Truth be told, painless hair removal treatments like shaving does a lot more damage than you probably know. This is why people are opting for far less painful methods to remove unwanted hair from their bodies—that is, sugaring. Candied & Waxed proves that this ancient technique is by far the more gentle and more natural option to consider.

The refreshing and brightening primary ingredients of Candied & Waxed: sugar and calamansi

Sugaring is usually almost interchangeable with waxing, because of the same nature of removing the hair from the root in a flicking motion. However, unlike traditional waxing, there are impressive benefits that will lure you into making the sweet switch. Read on to find out.

1. It naturally exfoliates your bushy parts.

For starters, Candied & Waxed is not made of wax at all. Rather, it is a combination of sugar, water, and citrus blends heated together. The mixture creates a deep brown, toffee-like consistency similar to maple syrup, which is applied onto the skin in this form. With that said, you’re confident that what you’re putting on your skin each time you perform a session is chemical-free, allergen-free, and 100% natural.

Candied & Waxed is a full-body hair removal candy.

To add, the sugaring mixture provides light exfoliation. The sweet gooey paste sticks to dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and gently removes them along with the hair to reveal a softer and smoother surface. It does so without adhering to the healthy ones, so you can bid goodbye to those unnecessary itch and irritations that come with eliminating the unwanted hair on your bushy parts.

2. It whitens your skin overtime.

Some waxing kits use chemicals to preserve depilatory properties, which leads to discoloration on your skin. Fortunately, Candied and Waxed is made out of only the freshest citrus ingredients. Citrus fruits, like calamansi, have the natural ability to brighten the appearance of the skin due to its high Vitamin C content. So, not only does it soothe your skin while waxing, but it also lightens the skin with continued use. Overtime, you can have the confidence to flex your bright hair-free parts.

3. It encourages slower, softer, and thinner hair growth.

A safe, soothing, sugary delight for your pits and limbs

In sugaring, the paste grabs onto the hair and yanks it out of its root completely when pulled from the skin, instead of breaking it in half. The hair that grows then is relatively thinner and does not have the stubbly, coarse feel of shaving regrowth and ingrowns.

Yet, one cannot achieve this in a single sugaring session; rather, consistency is key. It is essential that you diligently schedule the time to remove your hair to increase the likelihood of refined hair growth.

The Candied & Waxed Sugaring Kit comes with reusable waxing strips, applicators, and a how-to guide.

Don’t just take our word for it: Shop on Candied & Waxed’s Instagram or Shopee page and experience this sweet hair removal treat yourself.

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