The Secret Trick To Make Your Eyes Pop

The Secret Trick To Make Your Eyes Pop


Highlighting the face to create more dimension is nothing new. Many of us, however, might forget about a small yet impactful area: the inner corners of the eyes. Applying product to make this area illuminate will instantly make your eyes pop and appear more doe-eyed. It is a secret trick instantly elevates any makeup look as well.

Here are our favorite ways to wear this look, as shown by some of the country’s most talented makeup artists:

Anton Patdu

Photo from @antonpatdu on Instagram

A little can go a long way. Subtle highlighter on the inner corners of Claudia Barretto’s eyes already adds more depths to her eyes.

Cats Del Rosario

Photo from @drcats on Instagram

If you’re constantly on-the-go, this look will be your new secret trick. Simply dab a cream highlighter on that area (and around the face) for an easy, fresh glow.

Jelly Eugenio

Photo from @jellyeugenio on Instagram

If you’re feeling a little more bold, go for highlighter in a bold color, such as lavender. Nadine Lustre shows us how to effortlessly rock this look with the help of Jelly Eugenio.

Anthea Bueno

Photo from @antheabueno on Instagram

Take things to the next level with a glittery version on the look, as seen on the gorgeous Jennylyn Mercado.

Katchie Mejias

Photo from @katchmejias on Instagram

Glitter in a shade that is closer to your skin color can do wonders. A quick scroll on Katchie Mejias’ Instagram page attests to this.

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