We Tried Strokes By Momoi Supe’s Latest Innovation: The AirLash

We Tried Strokes By Momoi Supe’s Latest Innovation: The AirLash


With all the hype that has been surrounding it, it is hard to believe that Strokes by Momoi Supe only launched the life-changing KeraLift last year. After all, what is not to love about the healthy lash lift treatment? However, some clients with shorter or sparse lashes had difficulty with this, with a need for something a little more drastic. Enter: the revolutionary AirLash.

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AirLash, the latest from Strokes, is a combination of KeraLift and ultralight eyelash extensions. If you’ve been scarred from the memory of stinging, irritating eyelash extensions in the past, this treatment is certainly for you, as it is completely weightless. It’s as if nothing is there!

Soon after hearing about the treatment, we decided to give the AirLash a go ourselves. Upon entering Strokes, we were made comfortable in our sofas, which were enclosed by curtains for privacy. In all honesty, I got a little nervous when I found out that the treatment would take around two hours. But the careful, soothing presence of the staff definitely helped in calming down my nerves. We began with the KeraLift treatment and then proceeded to the individual eyelash extensions and before I knew it, the two hours were up.

When I was given the mirror to finally glance at my lashes, I immediately liked what I saw. While the lashes make you look instantly made up, its effect– and just as importantly, its feel—was still quite natural.

Get a glimpse of Strokes by Momoi Supe’s new AirLash in the video below:


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