These are the Standout Skincare Ingredients to Know Now 

These are the Standout Skincare Ingredients to Know Now 


Give your skincare routine a seasonal refresh with these must-know skincare ingredients that derives maximum results 

Pearls of wisdom about self-love are often preached, endorsed, and championed. Yet, the truth is that learning to love oneself is never linear, and even more so, an ongoing process of trial and error. Despite the challenges that come with it, know that embracing this lifelong practice and mindset is not impossible. It can start small by checking in with yourself, recognizing your needs, and developing a sense of awareness—all of which can be incorporated into creating an intentional skincare ritual.

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Y.O.U Beauty
Developing a good skincare routine is among the ways you can show love to yourself

Skincare routines are meant to be corrective and preventative but what many forget is that it is also about the experience. From the act of cleansing the face to the sensation of massaging the products, every step allows relaxing and restarting—one thing that is made easier than ever by Y.O.U Beauty and its commitment to letting that self-love glow from within. 

Beauty and its love languages 

“Learning how to take care of yourself means building habits that support your well-being,” the brand says, emphasizing the importance of intentional cultivation of habits and practices that will contribute to your physical, emotional, and mental health. “Caring for our skin can have a positive impact on our skin health that can make us feel better from inside and out.”

Y.O.U Beauty
Y.O.U Beauty is committed to create accessible yet promising formulas that works hard to improve one’s skin health

With skin health as its priority, Y.O.U Beauty continues to innovate and collaborate with renowned research and development experts to produce products that will help solve and address specific skin concerns. Here, the global brand unveils top ingredients that derive maximum results and elevate any skincare rituals.

Sakura Extract 

Y.O.U Beauty Radiance Glow Series
The secret to achieving the coveted glass skin? Y.O.U Beauty Radiance Glow Series

Aptly known as cherry blossom extract, the sweet aromatic flower found in the Y.O.U Beauty Radiance Glow Series boasts numerous skin care benefits which include brightening, calming, and repairing properties. As it works to help you achieve the coveted healthy glass skin, it also protects the skin from sun damage, as well as reduces the production of melanin, which is said to lighten and balance an uneven complexion.

Symwhite 377 

Y.O.U Beauty Radiance Up! Antioxidant Serum
True to its name, Y.O.U Beauty Radiance Up! continues to be a top shelf product for its powerful brightening ability

Symwhite 377 might not be in everybody’s skincare dictionary, but it is the hero ingredient present in cult-favorite products, including the Radiance Up! Deep Moisturizing Cream, Radiance Up! Antioxidant Serum and Radiance Up! Pure Cica Essence. Lauded for its powerful brightening ability, it works well in reducing hyperpigmentation and dark spots without irritating your skin.


Y.O.U Beauty Golden Age Series
Starting a preventative skincare routine is now made easy with Y.O.U Beauty Golden Age Series

Bakuchiol is mostly known as the gentle and natural alternative to Retinol. But surprisingly, it is more than that. The plant-based ingredient helps boost cell turnover and stimulate collagen production, which helps to lessen the appearance of fine lines, and wrinkles and improve skin tone and texture. Looking for a bakuchiol-powered formula? Look no further than the Y.O.U Beauty Golden Age Series! The lineup features an essence, serum, and energizing eye cream that is formulated to give you a youthful glow.

Buddleja Officinalis Extract 

Y.O.U Beauty Sunbrella Series
Sun protection is inarguably a non-negotiable. Luckily, Y.O.U Beauty Sunbrella Series offers a range of formulas for any lifestyle needs

Buddleja Officinalis Extract is among the ingredients that continue to reign in sun protection. Described as a natural sunscreen, it offers photoprotection from the damaging effects of UV and blue light while delivering long-lasting moisture to the skin. As for the best part? The extract is reimagined in the Y.O.U Beauty Sunbrella Series, which offers a range of formulas that are tailored for various lifestyle needs.

Images: Y.O.U Beauty Philippines

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