These Muses Bring Out the Bling and Sparkles For Jelly Eugenio’s Disco Heaven

These Muses Bring Out the Bling and Sparkles For Jelly Eugenio’s Disco Heaven


Halloween means all things peculiar and unique, but it’s definitely an understatement for Jelly Eugenio and his disco-themed parade of muses. 

The Instagram teaser releases of Disco Heaven by Jelly Eugenio, photographed by BJ Pascual, were inspired by the beguiling imagery of Lady Gaga’s song of the same title. Each look created for every muse offers a bewitching array of vibrant makeup, eye-catching hairstyles, and modern retro-like ensembles—all in a spooky scene of nightlife heaven.

Stunning muses attending the night of disco are Nadine Lustre, Catriona Gray, Ivana Alawi, Kylie Verzosa, Nicole Cordoves, and Siobhan Moylan.

Nadine Lustre

Photo credit: @nadine (via Instagram)

Taking darkness as her possession, Nadine Lustre is styled in a see-through free-flowing dress with the brilliance of crystals, long black leather gloves, and a classic black Gucci handbag from the 1940s.

Catriona Gray

Photo credit: @catriona_gray (via Instagram)

An ode to Catriona’s silver lining era is the ‘70s newfound flashy look, a modern invention to serve the presence of sequins matching her fiery vibe. The trendy scarf-styled top connects with the draping skirt that shows off the former Miss Universe’s legs perfectly.

Ivana Alawi

Photo credit: @ivanaalawi (via Instagram)

In Jelly Eugenio’s own words, Ivana Alawi is giving a seductive and alluring aura in her classic beauty look, channeling a Hollywood movie star from the ‘30s. Her huge black bow with a sparkling Gucci logo, tube dress with intricate silver fringes, and velvet gloves make the perfect cocktail for an on-the-spot rendition of The Great Gatsby. 

Kylie Verzosa

Photo credit: @kylieverzosa (via Instagram)

Kylie Verzosa holds immense power of sultriness in her two-piece metallic garment paired with disco ball-shine through her Gucci heels that embody the accurate resurgence of ‘70s Disco Heaven. 

Nicole Cordoves

Photo credit: @binibiningnicolecordoves (via Instagram)

Reimagining the Barbarella style from the 1960’s is Nicole Cordoves’ character for Disco Heaven. Her massive earrings are harmonious with her edgy top, while her fishnet tights finish the whole disco feel.

Siobhan Moylan

Photo credit: @siobhan.moylan (via Instagram)

Subtly embodying the late Marilyn Monroe, Siobhan Moylan is truly a disco muse. Her tube dress with metallic crystals in vibrant hues like gold, black, and green give the disco theme an elevated look.

Photographer BJ PASCUAL
Creative Direction ELDZS MEJIA
Hair PAUL NEBRES (Nadine, Catriona), RENZ PANGILINAN (Kylie, Nicole, and Siobhan), and RAYMOND SANTIAGO (Ivana)
Styling LYN ALUMNO assisted by RAF VILLAS (Nadine, Catriona, Kylie, Nicole, and Siobhan) and ADRIANNE CONCEPCION (Ivana)

Special thanks to LVNA BY DRAKE DUSTIN and SSI LIFE

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