These Natural Skincare Ingredients are Food For the Skin

These Natural Skincare Ingredients are Food For the Skin


While an influx of actives is taking over the beauty landscape, these entries prove that the most promising skincare ingredients are gifts from Mother Nature

Natural skincare ingredients, with a particular focus on fruit derivatives, have a number of effects on the skin. Think of the ever-popular lemon for brightening, pomegranates for anti-aging, and apricot for radiance-boost. But, as many know it, the beauty marketplace is as vast as a fresh fruit farm, and with it are gifts from Mother Nature that equally deserve a place in every skincare routine. Enter: Chebula, Watermelon, and Rambutan. 

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These Natural Skincare Ingredients are Food For the Skin

Adept as an effective alternative to actives, these natural ingredients are lauded to significantly improve the overall appearance of the skin. Therefore, making it healthier. But keep in mind that there is a need for consistency in a routine in order to see real results. Below, MEGA takes a deep dive into these underrated natural skincare ingredients and the promising products that include them. 


Chebula for anti-aging
Apart from being lauded as the “King of Medicines,” Chebula is also one skincare hero who is rich in anti-aging properties

Chebula is one entry that comes with a long and rich beauty history. The fruit, which is typically found in South and East Asia, is heralded as the “King of Medicines” and has been used to cure a number of concerns ranging from digestive issues to diseases. Moreover, it is also among the most bioactive and powerful antioxidants in the skincare world as it effectively minimizes the appearance of fine lines, and wrinkles while it smoothens, firms, and brightens the skin. 


Watermelon good for the skin
Watermelon are rolling its way out of the fruit basket and into the beauty world as a skin hydrator

Lauded as a fantastic all-rounder, watermelon is well known for its anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties. Meaning, it helps soothe acne-prone and parched skin, and keeps moisture locked in. Watermelon also helps condition and soften the skin by inhibiting citrulline, an amino acid that is water-binding. More so, it can easily be incorporated into any daily skincare routine with products that are available over the counter.


Rambutan as a natural alternative to retinol
The well-loved fruit by Filipinos is heralded as a gentle retinol alternative that promotes youthful, healthy skin

Rambutan is certainly popular for its spiky red skin and translucent sweet flesh. However, for use in skincare products, rambutan holds a myriad of benefits that deliver retinol-like results. The peel extract, for one, is a powerful source of antioxidants that encourage youthful, healthy, and plump skin. Meanwhile, the flesh extract helps stimulate collagen and promote cell turnover—the exact wonders a retinol can do, but with a less sensitizing effect. 

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