This Fitness Influencer Proves That Weightlifting is For Girls Too

This Fitness Influencer Proves That Weightlifting is For Girls Too


Fitness influencer and entrepreneur Isabelle Lim talks about weightlifting, diets, and the workout routine she’s structured after facing several trial-and-errors

If you’re in the fitness community or at least have been consuming fitness-related content for some time, you may have come across the opinion that women shouldn’t weight lift because women are risking their femininity by developing a more muscular and thus “masculine” physique. Because of this idea, many women feel discouraged from weightlifting, especially at the gym. Though many still uphold this backward notion, many more encourage others to weight lift with pride. One such person is Isabelle Lim, a fitness influencer and entrepreneur who’s known for her workout-related content online.

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The recipe for success

Like many other fitness enthusiasts, Isabelle’s passion for fitness came from her time as a student-athlete, playing basketball, football, and rugby in high school. She shifted to weightlifting in college, and an active lifestyle has been embedded in her life ever since, waking up as early as 5:30 a.m. to work out. She exercises four times a week for up to two hours per session, splitting her routine between two upper body days and two lower body days.

Lifting this much, she finds, has been incredibly effective for her in progressing towards her fitness goals, for which she finds gym equipment like dumbbells, barbells, a squat rack, bench, and cable machines essential. “I strongly believe that girls should not avoid weightlifting anymore,” she says. According to her, doing all this exercise four times a week strikes the perfect balance for achieving her goals while allowing enough time for rest. Proving exercise for the happy hormone hack that it is, she adds that this morning routine always puts her in a positive mood and helps her become more productive.

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Fitness as a lifestyle

To support her body throughout her workout routine, Isabelle follows a high-protein and high-fiber diet that includes chicken, lean beef, egg whites, and plenty of vegetables. She’s also not one for strict restrictions or diet trends like keto and intermittent fasting, saying, “I also allow myself indulgences to satisfy cravings occasionally!”

And when it comes to active style, you can take your cues from her. Often spotted sporting Bo+Tee activewear, she dons leggings and shoes that support balance for heavy lifting days while she opts for shorts and running shoes for her longer cardio sessions.

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Based on her years devoted to fitness, Isabelle has some advice for women who want to make it part of their lifestyle as well. “Consider where you have the most energy (morning or night), the time you can set aside for working out, the type of workout you enjoy, the fitness goals you want to achieve, the food that you find easiest to prepare, and the equipment you have access to,” she says.

“Being consistent is key to achieving fitness goals, but overall, it’s important to enjoy the whole process!”

She continues, “In your fitness journey, remember that it’s perfectly normal to face discouragement. Fitness is not a straight line; it’s a dynamic, evolving process. Feel free to explore, make mistakes, and adapt. Avoid comparing your achievements to others as everyone’s journey is unique. Ultimately, prioritize what brings you happiness and fulfillment. Keep going, stay resilient, and embrace the individuality of your path!”

Featured Image: ISABELLE LIM (via Instagram)

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