This Is How You Can Buy From Independent Filipino Creatives Sustainably

This Is How You Can Buy From Independent Filipino Creatives Sustainably


Empower artists with zero waste through triART, the independent Filipino creative’s solution to textile waste and fast fashion.

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Support local is a statement we’ve been seeing everywhere, but what does it truly mean to support an independent Filipino brand? Nowadays, painting an online shop local is enough to render hype from the community, even if the products aren’t necessarily from the Philippines. That’s why it is increasingly harder to spot the actual independent Filipino creatives, who have been working day and night to create the best products for the public.

The truth is, the problem lies in distribution and communication. If the public is unaware of these independent brands, then the sell-through wouldn’t even occur in the first place. Moreover, most independent local artists may have a difficult time with the business aspect of their craft. Logistics, Merchandising, Production, and the likes are aspects of a business that are hard to come by and even harder to pay for.
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That’s why Ken Monares and Paulo Jordan started triART, an end-to-end design, production, and retail lab. Their service bridges the local independent creative to the consumer. This means that they will be able to help promising local artists create, market, and distribute their work on a nationwide platform. They provide this service with utmost ease through their website, triART. Study. Design. Create. 
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Before launching, triART has already garnered the trust of a number of creatives. To name a few, they are: Jappy Agoncillo, PAPILIO, Lee Caces, Distort Monsters, Cab Nov, and more. If you are an independent creative looking to expand your craft, then you can apply to be part of the triART list of artists. You may do so through online application in their website. Chosen creatives may then start creating alongside triART and their hub of artists.

To tie all things together, triART provides all of these services in an efficient and sustainable way. They practice JIT (Just-In-Time) manufacturing, which means they won’t be overproducing goods that may not be needed. Aside from this, all the products are made out of environmentally friendly materials. Even their polyester is made out of Repreve yarn. So, if you’re planning to live zero waste then you should probably look into this.

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