Where to Get Your Perfect Brew and Instagrammable Cafe Photos in Manila

Where to Get Your Perfect Brew and Instagrammable Cafe Photos in Manila


Manila is a city constantly on the move, and our fuel to get through the day is coffee—lots of it. Everyday Coffee Roasters gives you this and more at Hilltop Studio.

A cup of joe is perhaps the most universally loved ritual shared by people all across the globe—no matter the time. So a good java spot is necessary for us Filipinos, whether you’re there for a chill brunch or quick munch, a midday break from work, or a morning pick-me-up.

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Everyday Coffee Roasters gives you exceptional and flavored coffee that is freshly roasted and conveniently delivered

From light and smooth to rich and full-bodied, Everyday Coffee Roasters provides you with thoughtfully sourced coffee, delicious pastries and meals, and sustainability and community-minded touches. The entreprise started from a humble home kitchen in 2016 but today today they have built three distinct store concepts. A testament to the founders’ commitment to deliver carefully curated beans to fit every java preference. Quality also remains intact as they are carefully tended to throughout the entire process—sourcing from farms to the curating and roasting the coffee beans with care. 

Enjoy a quick munch alongside your perfect brew in Hilltop Studio’s chill spot

When it comes to truly dynamic coffee, Everyday Coffee Roasters also sells their custom roasts by the bag. They’re delivered to you freshly roasted and in small batches to ensure high quality taste. Throught this, a cup of coffee isn’t just a drink you chug down—but an experience where the differences and emphasis in flavor, depth, and blends are palpable.

Take aesthetically pleasing photos at Hilltop while you enjoy their pastries and high-quality coffee

To happily sate any caffeine consumer, the minimalist spot at Hilltop Studio has the perfect interior, space, and atmosphere for you to work, chill, catch up with friends. At Hilltop Studio, the shop is a casual, coffee-fueled gathering place for all types of people to lounge. It’s sleek and perfect for Instagram posts, but also communal and welcoming at the same time. The comforting and inviting space to savor every cup embodies the trifecta of good food, good coffee, and good memories with every visit.

Enjoy natural light and a cozy ambience while you savor your perfect cup of joe

All this to say—a small idea can sprout into so much more if you have the passion, determination, and the vision to think and do. Everyday Coffee Roasters’ mission is to elevate the narrative of Filipino craftsmanship in the coffee landscape—and they’re doing it one cup at a time. From a small space to bigger ones, Everyday Coffee Roasters is due to give you the Filipino coffee experience you deserve.

Hilltop Studio is open from Tuesdays to Sundays at 9AM to 8PM, and 9AM to 6PM on Mondays. 

Photos and Featured Image: EVERYDAY COFFEE ROASTERS, RAPHAEL ALICO (Via Instagram)

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