Tips For Noche Buena: Choosing A Holiday Menu Theme

Tips For Noche Buena: Choosing A Holiday Menu Theme


You can always travel round the world just through your taste buds. Here we learn how to choose a holiday menu theme to take you on a Christmas journey.

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Holiday travel is one of the best parts that come with the season however, this year, all roads lead home for the holidays. Nevertheless, because of food we are able to experience different cultures around the world and how they all celebrate differently. We talked to Barcino, a longstanding top-rate Spanish bar-restaurant on how to spread the holiday cheer by creating a gastronomic menu with authentic paellas and cochinillo.

A Spanish – Inspired Menu

If Spain and the Philippines have one thing in common, it’s that we enjoy the holidays by dining with the finest food to commemorate the merry night. “It is as part of any feast and celebration like any other. Likewise, in Barcino, food is an integral part of the celebration as much as how Filipinos see it as well. Food brings us together in the same way Barcino brings us together with our loved ones not only during this Holiday season but throughout the year,” Marketing Director Ruby Bautista says.

The Main Course

In Barcino’s kitchen, they aim to marry Spain’s rich history and the Philippines’ love for festive celebrations and flavors. Their impressive cuisine that uses only the finest ingredients, includes the Paella Del Mar which is a widely known mix of paella rice and assorted seafood that is beyond anyone’s expectations, and the Arroz con Bogavante which is an exquisite Spanish seafood paella featuring an indulgent full lobster.

However a cochinillo  is the one worthy to be the centerpiece of any holiday table. Similar to our famous lechon, cochinillo or roast suckling pig, is one of the most celebratory dishes in Spain. It’s a chef’s favorite and top recommendation for this holiday with its tender off-the-bone meat and crispy skin that can be cut with a plate instead of a knife.

Wine & Spirits

Perfect for intimate get-togethers, Barcino also shows us their recommendations of wine and spirits to complete the menu.  For those who love a bold glass of red, we recommend their wine exclusive Beso De Vino Syrah which is a sensual deep purple that has the intense aromas of plums and thyme, with a taste of luscious black fruits like blackberries and cherries.

On the other hand, if a smooth, easy-going light cup is what you prefer, try out Beso De Vino Macabeo & Chardonnay. It has a creamy chiffon color with the smooth aromas of flower and lemons and has a refreshing citrus flavor fused with a nutty sensation.

Barcino acknowledges the fact that many traditions may not be the same this year such as a big Filipino family reunion. Nonetheless, on Christmas day and any other normal day in fact, Barcino wishes us only the best and a well-deserved table filled with exquisite food, “We wish everyone a feeling of hope that never ends, a table to share with family and friends of good food and wine that blends and hoping that the Christmas celebration extends even when the night is over.” Bautista says.

Photography by Floyd Jhocson of Studio 100

Art Direction and Product Styling by Nicole Almero

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