Here Are A Few Tips You Need To Know On How To Style Yourself

Here Are A Few Tips You Need To Know On How To Style Yourself


Looking sophisticatedly fashionable doesn’t correspond that you need to wear designer brands head-to-toe, or go bold with over-the-top jewelry every day. There are moments that you only need to tuck your shirt, change your shoes, or you’re simply just wearing the wrong size.

During the TRESemmé runway show where Carl Jan Cruz did his first-ever show in the Philippines, we got a chance to talk to two brilliant individuals: Kim Cam Jones and Jess Wilson. According to them, there are a few things to keep in mind whenever you’re styling yourself and matching your make-up and hair to your outfits. Here are their style tips:

kim cam jones

It’s all about the tailoring

We’ve seen Kim Cam Jones effortlessly strut the streets of the Big Apple just last month. As she showed everyone how to effortlessly elevate a look with oversized jackets, she told us that regardless if it’s oversized or not it’s still all about the tailoring.

“I always think tailoring is really important. It’s really important to understand your body, we all come from different sizes and everything is beautiful, every shape is beautiful, and it’s about enhancing your favorite parts of your body,” she explained.

With an understanding that fashion is an extension of oneself, she added that whenever she garbs herself, there is no need to look in a certain way. “Fashion for me is really an extension of who I am sort of as a person, it’s like a second skin right so just to be able to give me confidence to try new things,” she said.

jess wilson

Keep It Unexpected

As for one of the lady bosses of the Sunnies Studios brand, and who knows the beauty industry very well, Jess Wilson believes that you need to keep things unexpected to make yourself stand-out from the crowd.

“I guess changing up always do something unexpected, some days I like to wear a really tight bun otherwise with lots of clips. Other days like my friends, I’m like let’s just get some bangs. It’s actually really fun to do your outfits and hair once in a while and change it up. Be comfortable in it and it’ll fit your outfit and your hair,” she explained.

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