Top 5 Smart At-Home Gym Equipment Brands We Recommend

Top 5 Smart At-Home Gym Equipment Brands We Recommend


Bring the gym to your home by using smart equipment from these top fitness companies

The fitness industry has changed so much over the past decade to accommodate new beliefs and new ideas. Companies know that if they don’t innovate, they will be overtaken by their competitors. The five companies listed below prove that this is a fact as their products show that they understand trend progressions and can get ahead of them.

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Photo Credit: @nordictrack_uk (via Instagram)

One of the most recognizable brands in smart home gym equipment is NordicTrack. This company provides top-tier immersive equipment in a wide range. Some of these products include treadmills, ellipticals, rowers, and strength training. Most notable is the company’s S22i Studio Bike, which has a 22-inch rotating HD touchscreen that can stream worldwide workouts on demand, a 30W sound system, auto-adjusting resistance and incline, and a padded ergonomic saddle.

Lululemon Studio

Photo Credit: @lululemonstudio (via Instagram)

Another sought-after piece of equipment is the lululemon Studio Mirror. The Mirror is—true to its name—a mirror when it’s turned off. However, it transforms into a home gym must-have once it’s turned on because of its progress tracking feature. Additionally, you get to enjoy personalized exercise modifications and live feedback from lululemon Studio’s instructors from the comfort of your own home. The Mirror is further improved by its carbon steel frame, 4 x 15W high-fidelity speaker system, and 43-inch full HD 1080p display with a 178° wide viewing angle.


Photo Credit: @tonal (via Instagram)

Next on this list is one of the more impressive home gym pieces of equipment you’ll find anywhere. Endorsed by top athletes like Lebron James and Serena Williams, Tonal is an all-in-one home gym that lets you strength train through 245+ moves using its adjustable arms. Like the aforementioned Mirror, Tonal also has a 24-inch touchscreen display that lets you access your classes and view your live stats. The specific real-time progress Tonal can track includes your strength score, performance data, and milestones.


Photo Credit: @hydrow (via Instagram)

Another company that specializes in one specific type of equipment is Hydrow. Hydrow Rowers are among the best rowing machines in the world because, unlike others, Rowers are virtually silent due to their electromagnetic drag mechanism and industrial-grade webbed strap. Rowers also have an ergonomically-designed cushioned seat to make the exercise a comfortable experience, and they have a 22-inch touchscreen with front-facing speakers to display rivers or to stream yoga, Pilates, and strength training workouts.

Life Fitness

Photo Credit: @lifefitnessofficial (via Instagram)

Last but not least is Life Fitness, which is known for its equipment’s longevity. Like NordicTrack, this company provides smart fitness equipment and accessories for a wide variety of uses. One of Life Fitness’ most popular products is the Platinum Club Series Treadmill, which is known for its quality engineering, heart rate monitor feature, and HD screen that can connect to fitness and entertainment options like TV and instructor-led classes. This treadmill also has the FlexDeck® Shock Absorption System, which helps decrease the chance of injury.

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