The Top Five Fitness Trends in 2023 That Have Staying Power

The Top Five Fitness Trends in 2023 That Have Staying Power


We know that trends are cyclical and that some have stronger staying power than others. Look at tech-assisted fitness in the form of fitness trackers—these entered mainstream markets years ago and yet they’re constantly identified as current fitness trends. This is partly because more and more people each year begin to see the benefits of living an active lifestyle and thus seek gear that would help with the transition. With past fitness trends, the progression of technology, and increased interest in fitness in mind, we’ve curated a list of 2023’s top fitness trends with the most staying power. In other words, these trends won’t disappear any time soon.

Smart fitness equipment

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With Peloton sales skyrocketing in recent years, we saw that the gym experience could be replicated at home with smart equipment. Even with gyms opening back up, many people continue to see the merit of the Peloton experience as interactive workouts can successfully inspire people to maintain their fitness routines within the comfort of their homes.

Apart from the famous Peloton bikes, one of the other leading brands in smart fitness technology is NordicTrack as they have expert treadmills like the Commercial 2450, which comes with a touchscreen, trainer-led workouts, and the ability to incline and decline for specific trail running practice. NordicTrack also has the Vault, which is an equipment storage space, mirror, and smart trainer all-in-one. The Vault brings interactive workouts to a new level as its reflective touch screen lets you mirror the virtual trainers’ moves from lessons.

Low-impact exercises

Some movement is better than none. This sentiment is partly behind the increasing popularity of low-impact exercises like yoga, cycling, and “hot girl walks.” Given the full return of on-site classes and social events, there’s less time to squeeze in rigorous workouts for hours at a time everyday. People have seen the merit of doing mini-workout sessions for at least 10 minutes at a time, spread throughout the day, using low-impact exercise. More and more are also using stationary bikes with tables attached so they can exercise at the same time as working from home. The convenience and accessibility of this fitness trend will lead to it becoming more mainstream as the years go by.

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Customized wellness

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Every person is different, and how well or how poorly they react to things like a new diet program, fitness routine, and food supplement is dependent on many factors. As such, the merits of customized wellness programs continue to be spread because solutions personally customized to you can ensure better and more sustainable results. Take clinics like JLopezMD whose doctors can perform personalized weight loss programs for you, as well as baseline body composition analyzes to track your progress. Even hiring a fitness trainer to build a workout program for you would be more effective than blanket weight loss tutorials.

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Additionally, personalized vitamin subscription services like HUM Nutrition have increased in popularity because they ensure that the right food supplements reach you after answering a short quiz. At HUM Nutrition, in particular, they have registered nutritionists on board and the company endeavors to continuously validate their products through clinical research.

Wearable technology

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Wearable technology is of course on this list due to its immense mainstream popularity, but it’s also here for its potential. Not only are fitness watches and fitness rings constantly developed to track more data and become more intuitive, but gamification of exercises through VR and AR is also progressing into its own “wellness metaverse.” While both foster interactive workouts, technologies such as this are dissimilar from the abovementioned smart fitness equipment because they are wearable. So long as you have your watch, ring, or headset, you can connect to a platform wherever you are. 

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Fitness classes

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Lastly, now that the world is healing slowly from COVID-19 and its resulting lockdowns, fitness studios are back in business. Face-to-face classes offered by these studios are particularly appealing to people who need more interactive elements to their workouts than ones provided by smart fitness equipment and wearable technology. Particularly popular fitness studios these days are Electric Studio, with studios in BGC, Podium, Alabang, and Salcedo, as well as The Movement Studio in BGC. Both studios let you train in a group and under the supervision of a fitness instructor, as well as have online alternatives.

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