Travel Through The Cosmos In Gucci’s Latest Resort Collection

Travel Through The Cosmos In Gucci’s Latest Resort Collection


Inspired by two Jewish philosophers, Alessandro Michele connected the land, sea, and stars for the Gucci Resort 2023 collection

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The newest collection of Gucci titled, Cosmogonie, involved a great story about philosophy, faith, and poetry which creative director, Alessandro Michele, interpreted through a visually diverse line. From the location to the fabrics he used, anyone could see that the execution of Cosmogonie was well thought of and ran deeper than we thought.

The collection was heavily inspired by Jewish philosophers, Hannah Arendt and Walter Benjamin, two best friends who flew from Germany in the 1930s. They both shared a love for philosophy and used it to connect with the celestial. Benjamin in particular found complicity with the sky. He saw it as a connective structure that lights up the darkness through the epiphany of a constellation. He found their nature to be somewhat an analogy of human behavior, which he heavily related to his past. Benjamin once said, “It’s not that what is past casts its light on what is present, or what is present its light on what is past; rather, image is that wherein what has been comes together in a flash with the now to form a constellation.”

Unfortunately, Benjamin’s brilliant mind and elusive life came to an end when he took his life at the Franco-Spanish border. His long time friend, Arendt, continued his work and continues to inspire many to this day. One of those who were touched by their story and body of work was Alessandro Michele who centered the new Gucci collection based on both Arendt and Benjamin.

Michele carefully executed this through a 101-piece resort collection presented inside the beautiful Castel del Monte. He utilized all sorts of fabrics and prints from the Italian house’s arsenal. There were a mix of sheers, fur, leather, sequins, and plaid that sticks to the DNA of Gucci, but also explored a new direction for the brand. The creative director’s kitschy sense of style was still present but juxtaposed with sexy silhouettes and luxurious textiles.

The collection also featured an array of clothing for all body types and ages. Models booked for the show came in different shapes and sizes, as well as in different ages. This just goes to show that Gucci continues to innovate and reinvent the wheels of fashion through meaningful collections for their high-end clientele.

Know more about Gucci’s Resort 2023 collection by visiting their website. You can also watch the full show here. Keep yourself updated with what’s new for the beloved Italian brand by following their socials on Facebook and Instagram. In the Philippines, Gucci is located at Greenbelt 4 and Shangri-La Plaza Mall

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