Uniqlo U by Christophe Lemaire Is What You Need Right Now

Uniqlo U by Christophe Lemaire Is What You Need Right Now


Fashion designer Christophe Lemaire debuts yet another sophisticated collection for Uniqlo. Following the success of his stunning Fall/Winter 2018 with the Japanese global retailer, Lemaire showcased a spirited celebration of colors this season that we’re loving right now.

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The latest Uniqlo U collection is inspired by saturated earth tones countering rich, tinted hues, and bold accents. And after simplifying garment details and silhouettes, Lemaire had drawn on new materials and advanced technology to create the brand’s most ambitious palette to date.


This new move of Lemaire actually gives us a fresher take on the crewneck T-shirts. The retail giant was able to successfully employ soft fabrics and casual boxy silhouettes this season. That’s why it easily adds sophistication to casual coordination for summer. It is comprised of 12 vivid color variations for men and 13 for women.

Linen shirts are also a new addition to Uniqlo U’s collection. It incorporated dynamic patterns that complement vibrant seasonal hues. But the best thing about this? The soft fabric remarkably combined an attractively straight silhouette that undoubtedly aces a contemporary look.


The Uniqlo U 2019 Spring/Summer collection will be at UNIQLO stores beginning February 1, 2019. The full range will be available at 60 stores globally and will comprise 63 items for women, 50 for men, and six for accessories.

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