WATCH: How To Get The Perfect Short Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

WATCH: How To Get The Perfect Short Hairstyle For Your Face Shape


This might sound like an exaggeration to some, but from the moment I got my first cut and color from JuRo Salon Exclusif, I knew I would never look at hair the same way again. Ask any close friend of mine; they have never heard the end of it. Both their master cutter Jude Hipolito and master colorist Rose Velasco are true experts in their field, making you fall in love with your hairstyle even more as it grows out. After my first experience, it made sense why some clients flew in from different parts of the world just for an appointment with them.

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Earlier this month, MEGA’s Beauty & Features Editor for print Trina Epilepsia Boutain and I decided that we wanted to go shorter. Trina wanted a sleek bob while I was contemplating a fresh lob after keeping my hair long for over a year. Obviously, we knew which salon we were heading to.

On the afternoon of our appointment at JuRo, we were greeted with Jude and Rose’s warm smiles and their warm cups of freshly brewed coffee. We drank them as we were consulting them about the right hairstyle for us. Jude told us all about the optimal cut for each of us, taking into consideration our face shapes, hair growth patterns and texture—just to name a few. “I feel softer cuts—not blunt bobs—is where the look of the moment is headed,” he says.

Afterwards, it was Rose’s turn. She helped us achieve a natural yet striking hair color with L’Oreal’s new Maji Fashion line. Knowing Rose, she played with a variety of colors in the way only a skilled artist can: “I did a balayage on you both, which basically means a monochrome of color,” she starts. “If I put brown on you, for example, I won’t just color it one shade. I put different browns from lighter to darker versions.”

To see the two work their magic, watch the video below:

Videography by JR Ramirez
Editing by Shaira Bungcag

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