5 Ways To Wear This Season’s Unexpected Beauty Trend: Neon Eyes

5 Ways To Wear This Season’s Unexpected Beauty Trend: Neon Eyes


Recently, colorful eye makeup looks have been popping up all over social media. From not-so-subtle flicks to full-on monochromatic eye shadow, this trend is telling us one thing: the bolder, the better. If you’re still a little hesitant with leaving your comfort zone, we’ve compiled 5 of our favorite looks that will appeal to any type of beauty enthusiast:

1. The color yellow

Let’s begin with a color that many have a hard time pulling off: yellow. Bella Hadid shows us how its done by lightly building on the color for a soft, smokey effect. Her mascara only makes her eyes pop even more.

2. Blue is the warmest color

Model Jasmine Sanders goes for an intense neon blue. Bur rather than sticking to one hue, she brings things to the next level by combining it with powder blue shadow and highlight.

3. Ultraviolet

Makeup artist Mark Qua piles on the violet on Mariel Padilla, from lining the inner corners on her eyes to a full-on smokey eye. The result? Fierce yet surprisingly feminine at the same time.

4. Mix of berry

Want something a little more adventurous? Actress Pom Klementieff goes the extra mile, combining pinks and purples for a smoky berry.

5. On Fire

We’ve noticed that Claudia Barretto has been more daring with her makeup looks, and this warm neon eye by Mikka Marcaida is a testament to that. Combining orange lids, red liner and gold underliner, the result is fun and youthful.

Photos courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar and Instagram

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