We Reimagine FRIENDS And Their Iconic Looks In Fresh Designer Ensembles

We Reimagine FRIENDS And Their Iconic Looks In Fresh Designer Ensembles


From Rachel Green’s memorable wedding dress in the pilot episode to Phoebe Buffay’s inherently bohemian looks, we reimagine our beloved FRIENDS characters in fresh-off-the-runway designer ensembles.

Everyone’s favorite go-to sitcom, FRIENDS (you can argue but we are particularly biased) just celebrated its 25th Anniversary. As we look back at the show’s success, we can’t help but put the spotlight on the fashion the characters have unknowingly left as one of their legacies. With a MEGA twist, we reimagine their iconic looks in the newest runway offerings.

Rachel Green in Ralph Lauren

It’s only fitting that we pay tribute to Rachel’s breakthrough in the fashion industry—her job in Ralph Lauren. It was here that we saw her finally establish a dream career that saw her climbing the executive ladder. But more importantly, this phase of Rachel’s was where she developed her sharp, workwear fashion sense. It’s only fitting that she’s dressed her up in the fashion house’s recent F/W ’19 collection. Interestingly, Ralph Lauren just released a capsule collection of workwear pieces as a tribute to their fictional employee.

Rachel Green in Ralph Lauren FW ’19 Look #11, a masculine meets feminine tailored set.

Monica Geller in Sies Marjan

Arguably one of Monica Geller’s best looks is her bridesmaid outfit at her brother, Ross’ wedding. It was everything—sleek, sensual, and so on-trend right now. It’s only apt that we put her in an updated version courtesy of Sies Marjan’s Spring ’20 RTW collection. And as an added bonus, the look pays tribute to Monica’s love for boots.

Monica Geller in Sies Marjan S/S ’20 Look #35, a fiery, high sheen draped piece.

Phoebe Buffay in Anna Sui

It’s a known fact that Phoebe is a free-spirited character, and this always translated into her quirky, kitschy personal style. She was always out there with her downright bizarre antics, and we’re all delighted to see this in her quintessentially boho wardrobe. Naturally, seeing Anna Sui’s S/S ’20 collection with its whimsical feminine energy just reminded us of everything Phoebe Buffay is about.

Phoebe Buffay in easy, breezy layers of Anna Sui’s SS ’20 Look #5.

Chandler Bing in Giorgio Armani

To say that we were obsessed with Chandler Bing’s wardrobe in the earlier seasons of FRIENDS would be a definite understatement. Heritage prints, high-waisted pants, and covetable jackets—everything about Chandler’s style then screamed classic workwear chic. We revisit the timeless, dapper ensembles care of Giorgio Armani’s S/S ’20 collection.

Chandler Bing in a tailored ensemble by Giorgio Armani SS '20.
Chandler Bing in a tailored ensemble by Giorgio Armani S/S ’20.

Joey Tribbiani in Willy Chavarria

Joey Tribbiani carefully balanced his machismo with an undeniably loveable persona, proving that he was both a sweetheart and a heartthrob. His earlier style in the series was slicker and decidedly sexier, characteristics all seen in Willy Chavarria’s S/S ’20 collection. Here, we amped up Joey’s “raw, sexual magnetism,” as Phoebe often liked to say.

Joey Tribbiani in a dark and masculine Willy Chavarria S/S ’20 ensemble.

Ross Geller in Dunhill

Professor—and Doctor—Ross Geller was almost never seen without his closet staple of coats, blazers, and button-down shirts. Whether on a break or not, Ross always exuded an air of professionalism with his dapper wardrobe. We look back at the oversized silhouettes his character favored earlier on with Dunhill’s S/S ’20 pieces.

Ross Geller in a loose, tailored Dunhill SS '20 ensemble.
Ross Geller in a loose tailored Dunhill S/S ’20 ensemble.

Rachel Green in Moschino

Who can forget Rachel’s entrance look in FRIENDS that started everything? And it was all we could think about after seeing Gigi Hadid walk down the runway for Moschino S/S ’20 as a bride.

Rachel Green in a campy, bridal look by Moschino S/S ’20.

Monica Geller in Emilia Wickstead

We couldn’t help but want a do-over for Monica’s prom look in that one flashback episode. We took a leaf from Rachel’s book and found the perfect piece that married both her prom outfit and Monica’s. Look # 34 of Emilia Wickstead S/S ’20, with its extravagant volumes, gave off a fabulous 80s vibe.

Monica Geller in a voluminous ensemble by Emilia Wickstead S/S ’20.

Phoebe Buffay in Moschino

Quirky and cheeky, Moschino and Phoebe Buffay together totally makes sense in an alternate universe. We couldn’t help but wonder what Phoebe would wear if her music career did take off. With Moschino’s Look #36, we don’t have to wonder anymore.

Phoebe Buffay in a signature, cheeky Moschino S/S ’20 piece.
Art by Shaira Bungcag


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