Wedding Highlight Predictions For Maine, Angelica, and Maja

Wedding Highlight Predictions For Maine, Angelica, and Maja


Here’s what we’re expecting to see in the weddings of Maine Mendoza, Angelica Panganiban, and Maja Salvador

Over the years, celebrity weddings have become a public affair, which we find ourselves virtually attending, too. Whether it’s to get some inspiration or a possible supplier for our special day, to just purely relish on the emotions of a same day edit, this type of content has served as both an aspiration and inspiration of sorts for all of us. 

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Last year, three celebrities announced their engagements on social media to share the next chapter of their lives with their respective partners. Maine Mendoza, Angelica Panganiban, and Maja Salvador have opened up their lives to their fans, enough for us to somehow predict what will happen in their own big days. Here are a few wedding highlights that we might just see in the respective celebrations of Maine, Angelica, and Maja.

A Coldplay-themed wedding soundtrack

Even before one Arjo Atayde came into Maine Mendoza’s life, the bride-to-be had already loved the band Coldplay. From her ugly-cry concert moments to gatekeeping an old video of Coldplay’s frontman Chris Martin greeting her, Maine will definitely find a way to include the band in one of the biggest days of her life. 

Maine Mendoza and Arjo Atayde in Paris
Photo: MAINE MENDOZA (via Instagram)

As an epitome of a contemporary woman, Maine might just walk in the aisle or have her first husband-and-wife dance with Arjo with a Coldplay song playing in the background! Or better yet, Arjo might just surprise Maine with something related to the band!

Mommy and me wedding ensembles

All in one year, Angelica had the time of her life of being a mom and a soon-to-be wife. With her daughter Bean definitely present when she and her fiancé Gregg tie the knot, we truly won’t be surprised if the actress and her child will don matching frocks for the wedding! It will truly be a heartwarming memory to witness Angelica and her mini-me walking at the altar together in their matching looks.

Angelica Panganiban and daughter Bean
Photo: ANGELICA PANGANIBAN (via Instagram)

A spectacular bridal performance

Besides the actual wedding ceremonies, newlyweds and guests alike look forward to the joyous reception that follows suit. Part of what everyone anticipates in this celebration are the heartfelt speeches and touching parent and child dances. Of course, the bouquet and garter game and extra performances are part of the fun as well.

Maja Salvador and Rambo Nuñez Ortega
Photo: MAJA SALVADOR (via Instagram)

We have seen trending special performances from either the groom or bride online, too, and it will probably be something that Maja might just do for her own big day. After all, she wasn’t called a Dancing Princess and a total performer for nothing!  This will truly be a comeback to Maja’s explosive ASAP dance numbers if ever she decides to bring it on during her big day. 

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