Can’t Get Work Done? Here’s What Could Be Killing Your Productivity All This Time

Can’t Get Work Done? Here’s What Could Be Killing Your Productivity All This Time


Focusing less on what has been keeping you productive and more on what really causes you to slack off can help you achieve a smoother work flow. 

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They say productivity is the key, but before you delve into things that motivates you to work steadily, try to first look into what’s stopping you from getting your work done. And yes, again we understand. This temporary work-from-home set-up can unconsciously hinder you from being 100% focused. If you’re already aware of what productivity killers you could be guilty of and you still keep doing it despite its consequences, then it would greatly affect your performance. It could really be the bed beside your work table, the food inside the ref, and the next Netflix series episode to start binging on. But more than that, these are the things that you’re barely giving attention to but could be killing your productivity all this time.

Not Getting Enough Sleep


You may probably think that it’s all on what distractions lie in your own home when in fact it could be your lack of sleep at night. With this work arrangement, there’s no need to wake up very early and allot time for traffic. Get out of your bed, fix yourself a bit, indulge in a full breakfast meal, and sit on your home work space. However, if this encourages you to sleep later than your normal, it won’t in any way help you become productive the next day. You’re simply giving yourself a reason to give in to naps in between hours.

Switching Two Tasks Alternately


If you’re working on two or more tasks everyday and you chose to switch on it alternately, it won’t help you finish your work. Well, not today at least. Aside from multi-tasking, which would easily jumble your thoughts, it’s losing your focus along the way. Do your work one at a time and see yourself with that progress you need. This work error can cause domino-effect of interruption, which could lead to a more delayed work. Another work should follow a finished work and not all of them shuffled together.

Poor Phone Habits


We’re telling you, please put that phone down and get your work done first and foremost. It’s quite impossible to be seemingly unaware of how phone usage can waste majority of your working hours. Admit it: once you open your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you’re attention is already caught up and minutes to hours of your time are gone and misused to memes, IG stories, and endless tweets. Try to put it down or if possible, slightly away from you, and focus on what you really need to accomplish that day. Finally, when all is done, you can reunite with your precious phone as if it was a reward for accomplished tasks.

Unsystematic Schedule Of Tasks

Are you still dithering on what to-dos you have for the day? That itself is causing you delay. Without an organized calendar of things to do, you can’t seamlessly proceed with your work. Since you have much more time than usual, planning your workload ahead of time can help you become productive. Make it a point that as soon as you sit in front of your laptop, your mind is set on what to work on.

If you look closely, this work arrangement could be granting you plenty of time to work on things a gradual as you wish. However, having so much time on our table stirs us to become idle. As these productivity killers are for you to workout on yourself, ease your mind and shout your daily productivity mantra.

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