5 Best Ideas From Interior Designers When Setting Up Your Work From Home Space

5 Best Ideas From Interior Designers When Setting Up Your Work From Home Space


Are you missing your office desk or are you quite getting the hang of this work from home arrangement? While we have yet to be in the clear, why not spruce up your space? 

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Unlike when you’re in the office where everybody is else is busy as you are, working from home can lead you to a lot of distractions. For starters, there is your bed summoning to take some quick rest, your gaming consoles calling you for a quick skirmish, and your quarantine snacks that are encouraging you to take multiple nibbles. While you are not under physical supervision during your work from home, being under office hours still require you to get your job done everyday. And to prevent yourself from these productivity killers, you might want to rearrange your work space at home to invigorate some good energy and let you focus on your workload.

Let’s not kid ourselves, plopping your laptop at any given corner or surface at home doesn’t always get the job done. Sometimes you just sit there and nothing happens. Whether we like to admit it or not, the placebo effect of a conducive workspace does wonders on one’s efficiency and productivity when it comes to ticking off your daily to-do list. So, to make things better, we suggest moving things around and vibing what fits best for your mood.

If you want to repurpose a corner at home, take your decorating ideas to the next level with these local and foreign interior designers.

More than a sense of style, Justina Blakeney uses a comfortable sofa chair and places her table against a huge vanity mirror, which according to some Feng Shui canon, can allow energy to enter your space.

Photo from @justinablakeney on Instagram

Place an office table on such position in your home that receives a good amount sunlight. You could either choose the living room as your spot like Corey Damen Jenkins’s design or Em Henderson’s loft work space. It could also be just a peak of an open air like Cheska Nolasco‘s interiors. A good outdoor view can definitely increase your productivity.

Photo from @em_henderson on Instagram
Photo from @interiorsbycnstudio on Instagram
work from home
Photo from @coreydamenjenkins on Instagram

Ashe Leandro and KENFULK designed a home office that includes a set of books to add a more professional vibe. If you already have an existing book shelf in your house, position your table against or adjacent to your shelves.

work from home
Photo from @ashe_leandro on Instagram
work from home
Photo from @kenfulk on Instagram

Arranging an office table against a plain wall is suitable for those who easily gets distracted. Looking through Consort Home and Heim Interiors’ design, simply take a long narrow table that fits your work necessities like laptop, lamp, and a few pens, and thoughtfully decorate it with office plants.

work from home
Photo from @consorthome on Instagram
work from home
Photo from @heiminteriors on Instagram

Ever wonder how native products can instantly give a serene vibe? Yours can be as breathable as Kitty Bunag’s office space. Opt for locally made chairs, ceiling light shades, and other interior decorations and fill your space with plants, plants, and more plants.

work from home
Photo from @kwittyb on Instagram

While we fully acclimate to this work from home setup that has fast become a norm for most of us, it is even more of an optimal advantage to adjust things to what makes one most productive. Whatever shifts your work mood or gets those creative juices going, by all means, indulge in it, because while the foreseeable future remains uncertain, there is still a lot of work to get done.

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