What Nico Bolzico Wants Men to Know About Love and Loyalty

What Nico Bolzico Wants Men to Know About Love and Loyalty


In an excluisve interview with MEGA, Nico Bolzico breaks down the essential lessons for gentlemen on how to properly care for their partners

Since their Portugal adventure in June 2018, “The Bullied Husbands Club”, started by Nico Bolzico and Erwan Heusaff, just kept gaining members over the years. It now boasts other spouses of the “It Girls” and even some celebrities. Nico’s latest move? Releasing his book, Bullied Husbands Club The Manual.

MEGA Man sits down with the content creator-turned-author to get exclusive insights on his new project. Read on and catch the lowdown on Nico’s book—a no-frills guide on love, loyalty, and the real deal for men.

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Words of a gentleman

Nico Bolzico
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Nico shared that his latest venture into writing a book wasn’t an overnight thing. It took him about three years, with multiple starts and stops. He humorously expressed, “I don’t know how to write both in English and Spanish.” Yet, he tackled the challenge head-on.

As he was penning his book, Nico shared that he kept on pondering about two things: “Why am I doing this? What is the mission of the book?” According to him, these questions served as his compass. He stayed true to his purpose—to inspire kindness, not just romantically, but in general. He underscored that most of the time, it’s not about big gestures, but about showing respect and communicating clearly—a hint of what the book’s all about.

Mantras for men

Bullied Husbands Club The Manual by Nico
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The 40-year-old gentleman expressed that he is pumped up for guys to read his book, where he spills three solid lessons men can and should grab. To kick it off, he stresses the significance of consistently letting your partner know how important they are in your life.

Adding to the conversation, he emphasized the importance of quality time for anyone looking to keep their relationship flourishing. According to him, sometimes, the smallest moments carry more weight. Using his and Solenn’s busy routine as an example, they make it a priority to set aside time for catching up and meaningful conversations.

“If you love her, give her the freedom she needs.”  

– Nico Bolzico

Lastly, Bolzico threw in a reminder for the guys: ease up on the control and let your partner be their own person. He stressed the value of supporting their choices, be it in the form of a career or the friends they choose. He firmly believes that “if your partner is happy, she is the best partner you can get.”

Loyalty redefined

Nico Bolzico releases his new book
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Finishing up our conversation, Nico got straight to the point about his views on loyalty that he hopes other guys catch on to. “Loyalty is giving your 100% to that person. Mental, physical, heart, and soul—you need to give your all and fight for it, but sometimes things [still won’t] work, and it’s not wrong,” he explained. Nico emphasized that being loyal isn’t just sticking together, no matter what. It’s also about understanding that sometimes, you’re on separate paths, and that’s alright. You can still have each other’s backs while chasing your own dreams.


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