What to Wear to a Fashion Show According to Heart Evangelista

What to Wear to a Fashion Show According to Heart Evangelista


There’s no doubt that Heart Evangelista is a fashion show veteran! And if you get the chance to be invited to a show yourself, here’s how you can dress like the style icon that she is.

Whether it’s Paris Fashion Week or your local fashion showcase, attending these shows is always a whole lot of fun. You get to see the latest collections of your favorite designers, have the opportunity to interpret upcoming trends, and even scout for new designer pieces. On top of this, you’ll be able to enjoy a night of fashion fun with all your stylish friends. 

The only dilemma in attending a show is figuring out what to wear. Should you go for maximalist pieces or take a more minimalistic route? A rule of thumb is to check out the aesthetic of the designer you’re watching, and matching your outfit with this. But if you still don’t know what pieces to put on, then take some notes from all-around style superstar, Heart Evangelista.

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Pieces from the designer you’re watching

If you’re a celebrity or influencer like Heart, you may have a chance to receive a designer piece to wear during the show. You may also be a loyal customer of the designer who has a few items stored in your collection. You can bring these out to wear as doing so shows support to the designer. 

Put local designers at the forefront

Another way of showing support to local artists is by mixing and matching some pieces. Just like Heart who has worn garments by Filipino designers to international shows, you can also sport different local brands from top to bottom.

Something you’ve created yourself

What’s more original than a piece you’ve made with your own two hands? If you have a knack for the arts, then make something new specifically for the show. Heart has brought many of her painted Birkins to fashion week, and has also worn a reworked set from her Kamiseta collection by Neric Beltran.

A wardrobe staple you restyled

While it may be fun to put on some new pieces, pressuring yourself to purchase something just for a show is not exactly necessary! Heart knows how to work around her staples to create completely new outfits, which is why you can always wear the basics and restyle them for an elevated look.

Maximalist accessories that can make an outfit

Think of the Schiaparelli heart pendants or the Vivienne Westwood pearl necklaces–they’re big statement pieces that can truly upgrade any outfit. Heart loves taking out her standout jewelry for fashion week, and pairing them with her bag of choice.

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