Which Bling Empire Style Are You? The Breakdown Of The Luxury Items In Their Looks

Which Bling Empire Style Are You? The Breakdown Of The Luxury Items In Their Looks


Netflix’s Bling Empire has all the glamour, drama, and gossip you need in just eight episodesFind out here if your more like Anna or Christine when it comes to luxury style.

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Another take on the Crazy Rich Asians, this time we get an inside look into the extravagant life of wealthy Asians living in Los Angeles with Bling Empire.

With closets that can amount to billions, the cast isn’t short of name-dropping the biggest fashion houses out there. From Fendi, Dior, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, and even jewelry brands such as Piaget, Van Cleef, and Boucheron.

Here we rundown on the key luxury items from each of the character’s feuds and outfits so you can find out which luxury style are you:

Anna vs. Christine:

The Louis Vuitton Les Eclatantes High Jewelry Necklace

Straight off the bat, the first episode opens up with a power feud where diamonds are the weapon. Setting the tension between the Anna Vs. Christine rivalry, Louis Vuitton’s 2010 Les Eclatantes haute joaillerie necklace was the center of the drama. With the brand’s signature monogram flowers in white gold, adorned with sparkling diamonds and pink sapphires, it sparked the drama between the two that was to say the least intense. The question here is how exclusive really are these high jewelry pieces? As Christine said it’s an invitation-only experience.

Louis Vuitton high jewelry is exclusivity at its highest that only the top clients of the brand are invited to see and purchase. With a price tag of millions, these pieces are made with their known savoir-fair and in limited quantity. It is then flown country by country to present to clients who have already shown interest beforehand. If the quantity of a certain piece is sold-out then that’s about it, making clients line-up to get their hands on it first. 

Christine Chiu

The Feminine Chic Empress

Piaget Jewelry, Dolce & Gabbana Suits, and Private Yachts.

Entering Anna’s party, it was clear that Christine wanted the necklace to have its moment. The necklace was paired with a Carolina Herrera pastel pink and peach tulle gown to highlight its pink sapphires while her sleek, raven chin-length bob with bangs showed off the heavy diamonds on her neckline. One of her more feminine and sophisticated looks in the season, Christine’s style is usually bold, not afraid to try on different hairstyles with wigs and go full-on glam. Her outfits are also perfectly tailored may it be a gown or a Dolce & Gabbana power suit complete with layered Piaget jewelry.

Anna Shay

The Classic Edgy Queen

Dior Blazers and Slingback Heels, Boucheron Jewelry, and Private Jets

Although we never got to see Anna wear her own Louis Vuitton high jewelry piece, we can imagine her look will be strong and mysterious just as her personality. With her nonchalant way of wearing high jewelry even to a private yoga class, we can see her pairing the high sparkles of the necklace against a black leather and velvet gown with matching layered bracelets and her signature smoky eye. Anna whose never one to name-drop, she always keeps it sexy and effortless by wearing the latest seasonal collections from Dior to Chanel in her daily outfits. 

Chèrie Chan

The Dainty Power Woman

Dior Bralette, Chanel Dresses, Hermès Birkins, and Louis Vuitton Loungewear

A fan-favorite, Chèrie stayed mostly out of the group’s drama and focused on her marriage while parenting her fashionable little-ones, Jevon and Jadore. A grounded character despite being an heiress to a denim empire and being filter-crazy, Cherie’s style is filled with soft feminine pieces. This includes summer dresses in tweed and ruffles from Chanel and Dior, Birkin bags and white gowns.

Even Cherie’s loungewear is adorned in designer logos as seen in her Louis Vuitton x Grace Coddington pajamas and mink pink slippers that she wears to the hospital to give birth. Her style is just a show of the kind of woman that she is as she breaks imposing marriage traditions with pure love for her family. 

Kim Lee

The Sexy Streetwear DJ

Zimmerman skin-showing dresses, Retrofête metallic gown, and Chanel sneakers

The international DJ and producer definitely knows how to have a good time with the style to match. Kim Lee is shown to be embracing her hourglass figure with skin-showing and high slit dresses from Zimmerman and Retrofête metallic draping gowns that is mom-approved.

She also loves the sport-chic look with body-con dresses and coordinating sportswear sets with designer chunky sneakers.

Jamie Xie

The Trendy And Cool Gen Z

Chanel Dangle Earrings, Cartier Love Bracelets,
Gucci Jumpsuits, and Bottega Veneta pouch bags.

The youngest from the cast, Jamie Xie is becoming the new fashion influencer on the rise. Despite her saying that she wasn’t able to prepare the best outfits for the show, we beg to differ. Her style is one that most of the younger generation can relate to with her diverse looks and statement making pieces.

She also dons an electric blue Gucci jumpsuit, pink leg of mutton sleeve dress by Rotate Birger Christensen, and other pieces by Isabel Marant, The Attico, Alessandra Rich and more on-the-rise labels throughout the show.

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