Why Louis Vuitton’s Party Trunk Is The Ultimate Home Bar

Why Louis Vuitton’s Party Trunk Is The Ultimate Home Bar


Evolving from travel essential to living room luxury, Louis Vuitton’s Party Trunk is all you need to entertain your guests at home in style.

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The journey of Louis Vuitton all began with trunks. Not only did their trunks forever change travel but brought a whole meaning to a one-of-a-kind luggage for anything that one’s heart desires. Wherever you travel to and whatever you might be carrying such as Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza’s sleeping cot that can be pulled out and packed within the box, Ernest Hemingway special trunk built to house his writing tools, or Prince Youssef Kamal of Egypt’s plethora of unique requests to customize one specifically for hunting, picnics and to an icebox, it remains a mainstay for the French luxury house and a collector’s piece that is coveted until today.

This type of innovation has stayed a priority for the maison’s hard-sided creations and over the years new technology such as 3-D printing continues to expand its possibilities. And just in time for holiday parties, for their latest addition comes the “Party Trunk”, a fully stocked home bar and entertainment center housed inside a box made from the highest-grade leather and adorned with the brand’s trademark monogram eclipse pattern.

Inspired by the Noé in 1932 which is their first foray into making bags designed to hold alcoholic drinks, it was only able to famously hold five bottles of champagne. The Party Trunk in comparison goes bigger and bolder. Crafted and assembled by hand at their workshop in Asnières, within its double doors can hold any bottle of the drink that you prefer from champagne, cognac, whisky, to wine.

Different sized glasses alongside cocktail shakers, a plated silver ice bucket, concealed compartments for silver straws, monogram coasters, and a corkscrew provides everything you need to whip up a cocktail.

For those who are always playing host to parties, it also features mirrored trunk lids to reflect the Monogram embellished disco ball. Special spaces within the interior are also designed to hold entertainment accouterments such as the Louis Vuitton Horizon Light Up Speaker or even a smoke machine. 

Made for those who love to have a good time, the Party Trunk is another addition to the timeless yet modern innovations of Louis Vuitton’s growing trunk line.

Visit Louis Vuitton located at Greenbelt 3 and Solaire Resorts & Casino.

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