Why LV The Place in Bangkok Should Be Your Next Travel and Shopping Destination

Why LV The Place in Bangkok Should Be Your Next Travel and Shopping Destination


MEGA and Anne Curtis pays an exclusive visit to LV The Place Bangkok, an immersive exhibition that combines fashion and fine dining

There’s something about fashion and food. Coming together, they evoke a sensory delight—both in style and in taste. LV The Place Bangkok at Gaysorn Amarin serves up a delectable fusion of high fashion and culinary ingenuity, concocting an immersive experience that tantalizes the eyes and mouth. Nobody understands the synergy of fashion and food encapsulated over an ambitious concept better than Anne Curtis, who visits the delicious location by Louis Vuitton.

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LV The Place in Bangkok, Thailand

This avant-garde idea combines an immersive exhibition, an enticing café, a curated store, and a gourmet haven led by the renowned chef Gaggan Anand. Bringing a broader cultural experience into one venue, this all-encompassing concept at Gaysorn Amarin, Bangkok establishes a fresh blueprint for forthcoming Louis Vuitton destinations. It encompasses the Maison’s ambitious global lifestyle vision, promising innovative experiences that push the limits of luxury retail.

Anne Curtis is immersed with the “Visionary Journeys” exhibit with rooms designed by architect Shohei Shigematsu

The ground floor presents an exhibition titled “Visionary Journeys”, marking its premiere at LV The Place Bangkok. Thematic rooms, designed by Shohei Shigematsu, Partner at architectural firm OMA, offer reinterpretations of historical and contemporary elements. This exhibit explores the core of Louis Vuitton—including its dedication to craftsmanship, innovation, travel, and creativity—providing visitors with a deeper understanding of the Maison’s perspective.

The exhibit explores Louis Vuitton’s storied history
In the exhibit, iconic pieces are introduced and recontextualized

Reflecting on her experience within the exhibition, Curtis resonated most with the collaboration room. “Louis Vuitton has proven to be one of the leaders in the fashion industry when it comes to collaborating with the best of the best in the fashion and art industry,” she emphasizes. “Creating iconic collections that bring a sense of nostalgia when seeing them in real life again. I also got so giddy seeing some of the collections that I happen to own a piece from. The Yayoi Kusama collection is definitely a favorite of mine.”

Anne Curtis loved the presentation of the world map dish at Gaggan at Louis Vuitton

For those seeking respite and culinary indulgence, Le Café Louis Vuitton offers a sensorial oasis where botanical design elements harmonize with iconic Maison accents. From the intricate Monogram parquet floor to the coveted Objets Nomades, patrons are invited to savor the flavors of Southeast Asia.

Curtis describes the atmosphere at Le Café Louis Vuitton as comforting and inviting. “Felt like a great place to catch up over a cup of coffee or tea whilst munching on the sweetest and not to mention cutest biscuits and cakes,” she shares.

Gaggan at Louis Vuitton is the Maison’s first South Asian restaurant, specialized by a seasonal menu by renowned chef Gaggan Anand

However, the forte of LV The Place Bangkok is undoubtedly Gaggan at Louis Vuitton, a culinary haven produced by acclaimed Indian chef Gaggan Anand. With a special curated menu, the Maison’s first South Asian restaurant promises an unparalleled blend of flavors as it marries Indian cuisine with Louis Vuitton’s signature sophistication.

The eclectic menu offerings impressed Anne Curtis as all dishes have their unique taste

Toward her interaction at Gaggan at Louis Vuitton, Curtis expressed admiration for the eclectic menu offerings. “All dishes had their own unique quirk and taste,” she remarks. From a tantalizing yogurt explosion to the spicy traditional curry, each dish delighted her palate. “I will say, though, that I loved the presentation of the world map dish and the play on a dry Tom Yum Soup in one bite.”

Curtis expresses her excitement at the prospect of a local LV The Place in the Philippines. “It is a celebration of food, history, culture, and fashion,” she muses. “So it would be an absolute dream to have the whole LV The Place experience in the Philippines.”

Anne Curtis enjoys the contemporary Louis Vuitton store, which includes exclusive products that are only available on-site

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Anne Curtis found the entire LV The Place Bangkok experience stunning, recommending it as a must-visit for enthusiasts of both fashion and fine dining. “I enjoyed the whole experience and highly recommended everyone to dine, view, learn, shop, and take a coffee break with Louis Vuitton,” she enthuses. LV The Place Bangkok represents a convergence of culture, cuisine, and creativity, illustrating the Maison’s ethos of pushing what can be possible. As the Louis Vuitton expands its cultural and hospitality footprint, this visionary concept sets the future of luxury lifestyle destinations.

To learn more about the Louis Vuitton The Place in Bangkok, Thailand, click here.


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