A Look Back on the Hair Evolution of Anne Curtis

A Look Back on the Hair Evolution of Anne Curtis


All her life in the public eye, Anne Curtis graced us with iconic looks that sparked intrigue. In light of her latest debut, let’s look back at her hairstyles that defined every passing season

Anne Curtis has always been among the modern greats when it comes to fashion, and beauty is no different. She always keeps up to date on the trends and sets her own from time to time. She’s back on the news cycle with her latest birthday photoshoot, but also because she debuted a new hair color not long after. In light of that, we’re looking back on the star’s most iconic hairstyles, starting from her 38th birthday the previous year.

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The birthday bob

Anne Curtis is arguably the best at birthday photoshoots, always delivering consistent yet exciting new looks each time. This year, she kept it bare and natural. Last year, she was fashion-forward. She was completely in her element, helped by the windblown and side-swept bob styled by Raymond Santiago. At this era in her life, she also sported a wispy fringe that perfectly framed her face and enhanced her features.

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Anne Curtis in Alaïa
Anne Curtis in Gucci and Balmain

The micro fringe

In 2023, Anne’s bob quickly transitioned to a lob, and then a short to middle-length hairdo. That year, she mainly maintained that look, interspersing each season with unique hairstyles to match the event she was in. It wasn’t until January 2024 that she debuted something completely new to her: a blunt micro fringe. Behind this look is hairstylist Raymond Santiago.

A micro fringe on Anne Curtis
Blunt bangs on Anne Curtis

The atomic blonde

In the months since then, she’s only been more experimental. Before January ended, Anne introduced the Internet to Atomic Blond Anne. Her most trusted hairstylist styled her ash-blonde hair in two ways: pin-straight and wavy. That said, this hair moment didn’t last too long before she returned to her roots in time for her next birthday photoshoot.

Atomic blonde Anne Curtis
Anne Curtis with atomic blonde hair

The mainstay

For her 39th birthday, Anne stayed true to her roots and the hairstyle she’s most known for. Keeping her face bare, she likewise didn’t do much to her tresses. Her undeniable go-to hairdo is voluminous and mid-length, alternating between a middle part and a side part. She’s also not all-too known for dyeing her hair, typically keeping her locks in its natural brown hue. That makes the next hairstyle she debuts all more exciting and novel.

Anne Curtis’ barefaced 39th birthday photoshoot

The red era

Immediately after her birthday, Anne debuted a new hairdo—a flaming red color that is already inspiring more fans to make a drastic hair change. In just two months, Anne has made waves with immediately iconic hairstyles with help from her go-to hairstylist Raymond Santiago. Going from blonde to red in quick succession, we have to ask: What is she going to do next?

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Anne’s new hairdo
Anne Curtis with red hair

Photos: ANNE CURTIS (via Instagram)
Featured Image: ANNE CURTIS (via Instagram)

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