Xenses: A Sensory Journey in Design to Welcome a New Showroom

Xenses: A Sensory Journey in Design to Welcome a New Showroom


Casa Bella invited MEGA to unveil its new furniture showroom and lightning space with Henge through a sensory experience called Xenses

At Casa Bella, there is a bond. It comprises a wide range of emotions, brought together by five senses—hear is the sound of djembe drums beating or captivating chanting. Smell is experienced through an ambitious aroma, born from wax, dying by fire. Touch is our awareness, tingling and nurturing, of tiles and textiles. Sight is the light projection mapping on contemporary dancers’ bodies; and taste is roast beef with Yorkshire pudding or Prosecco with maraschino cherries. Called Xenses, this immersive experience is Casa Bella’s new showroom with Henge.

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Casa Bella Welcomes a New Showroom with a Sensory Journey Henge Xenses
Casa Bella welcomes their new showroom with a sensory journey

Tactile Tales

The luxury home furnishings revealed its new showroom with Henge, an Italian interior design company known for its extraordinary workmanship and avant-garde designs. It is a partnership that aims to change the local market’s expectations for interior innovation.

Casa Bella Welcomes a New Showroom with a Sensory Journey Henge Xenses
The floor engaged the senses like sight, sound, scent, touch, and taste through immersive experiences

With each piece created to tell a story, Henge’s collections anchor their pieces on exceptional materials and expert craftsmanship. The brand scours the globe for premium materials, seeking their unique expressions and honoring their natural qualities and production standards. Henge prioritizes materials that convey their own narrative as they require no explanation beyond the tactile experience.

Seamless Synergy

Founded on principles of authenticity and aesthetic exploration, Henge challenges conventional design norms. Its creators draw inspiration from nature, architecture, and the human experience. The result? Pieces that evoke emotion and inspire conversation. The commitment of the Italian design house to sustainability and ethical production further enhances its appeal, ensuring that each creation is as responsible as it is beautiful.

Casa Bella Welcomes a New Showroom with a Sensory Journey Henge Xenses
The Italian interior design company Henge added to the experience with their furniture surrounding the showroom

The partnership between Casa Bella and Henge is a natural fit. Both brands share a dedication to quality, innovation, and the creation of environments that transcend the ordinary. For Filipino homeowners and interior designers, this collaboration offers an unprecedented opportunity to access Henge’s exclusive collections without leaving the country.

Sensory Discovery

Casa Bella invited MEGA to experience the showroom firsthand. We immersed ourselves in the carefully curated spaces where Henge’s pieces were displayed in all their glory. Each area’s design engages the senses, allowing us to appreciate the texture, form, and functionality of Henge’s creations in settings that mirrored our own living spaces.

Casa Bella Welcomes a New Showroom with a Sensory Journey Henge Xenses
Casa Bella and Henge share a dedication to quality craftmanship and extraordinary design

Treating MEGA to a sensory journey that displayed Casa Bella’s philosophy of holistic design, the ambiance showcased sharp sounds of curated music, the inviting aromas of bespoke candles, and the visual attraction of thoughtfully arranged interiors. Complimentary tastings of gourmet delights rounded the experience, guaranteeing the delight and engagement of each sense.

Casa Bella and Henge foreshadow an era where luxury, sustainability, and cutting-edge design converge, compress, and complete. It offers discerning clients unparalleled choices for their homes. Whether you’re an interior designer seeking inspiration or a homeowner looking for that perfect statement piece, Henge’s collections promise to form a bond unlike any other.

Photos and Featured Image: CASA BELLA

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